Printable Calorie Chart Of Common Foods

Updated on Dec 13, 2022
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Printable Calorie Chart Of Common Foods
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Printable Food Calorie Chart
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What are Calories?

Calorie is a unit for energy units. The calories we know today are the energy obtained from the food and drink consumed by a person and the energy used for physical activity. So, calories are not food or drink, but anything that contains energy.

Based on, calories are important for the body. To survive, the body's cells must obtain food and it is obtained from calories. If there are no calories, there is no energy. If there is no energy, the body's cells will die, the organs cannot function, and the heart will stop.

How to Calculate Daily Calorie Needs?

Everyone's daily calorie needs are different. Therefore, you need to calculate your daily calorie needs. Here are 5 steps to calculate daily calorie needs as reported by

  • First, calculate your weight.
  • Then, multiply your weight (in kilograms) by 0.9 for women and 0.1 for men.
  • Then, the result is multiplied by 24.
  • Continue it by multiplying the result by the lean factor that corresponds to the body fat percentage. You can search for "lean factor multiplier and body fat percentage" tables on the internet. The multiplication result is called the BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate. So, that's the total daily calories that must be consumed.
  • If you want to know the total daily calories that must be burned, multiply the BMR by the activity modifier. You can also look for tables of daily activity multipliers on the internet.

After calculating total daily calories, you need to match your daily calorie needs with the food calorie chart. There are various food calorie charts that can be used, such as Wendy's calorie chart.

How Calories Can Balance Food and Weight?

Calorie density is the best way to understand calories for balancing food and healthy weight. Calorie density is the number of calories in a certain amount of food. The units are calories per pound.

Reporting to, foods that have a high-calorie density mean they contain high calories. Meanwhile, food with the same weight but with a low-calorie density has low calories.

An example is food A (10 grams) and food B (10 grams). Food A has a higher calorie density than food B. Even though food A has the same weight as food B, food A has higher calories than food B because the calorie density is greater.

Therefore, calorie density is very influential in the balance of food and healthy body weight. So, apply these calorie density principles to get a healthy body.

  • Start with an appetizer such as salad, soup, or fruit.
  • If you are hungry, you must eat until you are full so there is no desire to eat again before the schedule.
  • You shouldn't eat liquid foods because liquid-textured foods make you hungry easily.
  • Make sure that you consume more vegetables because the calorie density of vegetables is lower compared to other types of food.
  • You also have to reduce your consumption of carbohydrate foods because these types of foods contain a high calorie density. You need a carb food chart to choose the types of carbohydrate foods that are safe to consume.
  • You can also consume fruit, pasta, potatoes, yams, cereals, oatmeals, rice, beans, and barley because the calorie density of all those foods is only around 140-630 calories/pound.

Combine the calorie density principle with your daily calorie needs. So, you have to make meal planner calorie chart that are in accordance with the principle of calorie density and your daily calorie needs to balance your food intake and get the ideal body weight.

Food Calorie Chart PDF
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What Activities Can Burn Calories?

Not only food, but you also have to do various activities to balance the calories in the body. Well, recommends that you do these activities so your body can burn calories optimally. Don't forget to use a diet and exercise tracker to monitor the progress of these various activities.

  • Swimming: This activity is a type of exercise that can burn body fat optimally. In addition, swimming can also increase blood flow, muscle strength, heart strength, and lung capacity. You only need to swim for 30 minutes to burn the body's calories as much as 198-294 kcal. Besides being able to increase your body's health, swimming can also prevent stress, strengthen joints, and increase body mobility.

  • Running: Among the various types of activity, running is an activity that can burn a lot of calories. However, if you don't have much time to run, just do sprints. It only takes 30 minutes of sprints to be able to burn 240-355.5 kcal in your body. Make sure to warm up before running or sprinting so your muscles don't get sore.

  • Aerobic Dance: Usually, women really like aerobics. Well, you can do aerobic dance as a daily activity to burn body calories. Dance is a fun type of cardio exercise. Aerobics can be done at home. With aerobic dance, you can burn calories as much as 6.6-9.8 kcal per minute.

  • Walking: Not only running, but you can also burn calories by walking. So, you can take a walk in the park or the streets in the morning. It's the easiest and most fun way to burn calories. By walking, the body's calories burned are 3.1-4.6 kcal per minute.

  • Stationary Bicycling: If you have stationary bicycling, you can use it to burn body calories. If you do this activity for 30 minutes, you can burn calories of 210-311. However, you can also do cycling activities on the streets if you want to do healing while burning body calories.

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