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Apr 13, 2013
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360 Degree Circle Template
360 Degree Circle Templatedownload

How to draw a circle?

A circle is a figure that has a round shape with no corners and edges. A full circle has 360 degrees. There are so many ways to draw a circle like:

  1. Using round shaped items and trace it. You can use many items like the bottom of a coke can or round glass. Be sure the items you use fit on your paper and have a smooth edge to make it easy to trace.
  2. Using a drawing compass. With a drawing compass, you can make a nearly perfect circle. Don't forget to attach pencils to your drawing compass and be careful with the compass needle.
  3. People usually use a tool called a protractor to measure and draw an angle. It will really help you to draw an angle. You can use a half-circle protractor that has a 180-degree chart or full circle protractor that has a 360-degree chart. It is easier with a full circle protractor than using a half-circle protractor.

Is there an angle in a circle?

No, it is not. An angle in geometry is when two lines meet and share the same point. They measured in degrees. There are five types of angles. First, an acute angle that had an angle between 0 and 90 degrees. Second, the right angle, it had 90 degrees angle. Third, an obtuse angle that had an angle between 90 and 180 degrees. The fourth angle called a straight angle that had 180 degrees angle. Also, a reflex angle that had an angle between 180 and 360 degrees. You can also measure an angle with a 360-degree chart protractor. 

How can I measure an angle with a protractor?

First, you need to align your protractor with the angle that you wanna measure. Stack it then you need to move and align the center of the protractor with the center point of the angle. One line of the angle must be on 0 angles of the chart. See where other lines get stacked with angle chart and that you can see your angle degrees.  

Printable 360 Degree Protractor
Printable 360 Degree Protractordownload
360 Degree Wheel Printable
360 Degree Wheel Printabledownload
360 Degree Circle Chart
360 Degree Circle Chartdownload
Printable 360 Degree Compass
Printable 360 Degree Compassdownload

Why do we use 360 degrees in a circle?

It has a very long history. It comes at the same time as when the wheel was invented about 6000 years ago. It comes from Mesopotamia people who loved the number 60 so much. They loved it because it was very easy to divide this number. They use this number in every aspect like in early mathematics and early trade.  This knowledge passed to ancient Egyptians. With that knowledge, they divide a circle into 360 degrees, and from this, we can get so many great inventions like calendar and time measurement.

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