Printable Birthday Chart

Jul 22, 2013
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Printable Birthday Chart

Printable Birthday Chart

Printable Classroom Birthday Chart
Printable Classroom Birthday Chartdownload

What do birth charts mean?

Birthday charts, natal astrology, or genethliacon astrology can be defined as an astrology that can be personalised based on our personality or personal trait. The birthday charts are also our personal information, such as our date of birth, time of birth, and where we were born, definitely a more particular detail of a place, like the smallest area of the hospital we were born in.

When it comes to horoscopic astrology, a personal trait and/or personality is defined by the concept of the horoscope or the natal chart that involves other people (known as the native). They show the positions of six elements, including sun, moon, planet, midheaven, ascendant or the angles between them.

After the horoscope is arranged, we can start the interpretation by seeing the complete version of the personality of the subject that is involved in a chart or the native. There are three important things to help the interpretation: highlighting the important features of the chart, chart weighting, and chart shaping. When it comes to chart weighting, we note the spread of the zodiac signs and the house in the chart. This also notes the significant things of a whole personality of the native. While chart shaping means assessing the position that should be arranged for the planets. To do this, we depend on the aspect and position in the chart. We also make sure that there is a noticeable pattern that happens between them.

Actually, even though it seems complicated and it feels like there is a complex science. However, many experts agreed that astrology is determined as a pseudoscience. It is because there is little statistical proof that explains the causations between natal birth charts and reality.

Are birth charts accurate?

The answers really depend on our purpose, whether we want to know some things or others. For instance, if we want to know the last result from certain events, like who will be our life partners or the duration until we reach goals, the birth charts won't be suitable for these kinds of questions.
However, if we are tremendously curious about the important, main, or the foundation of the life lessons or obstacles that need to be experienced in order to appreciate ourselves higher, the birth chart can show us beyond our expectation.

Printable Birthday Chart
Printable Birthday Chartdownload
Classroom Birthday Chart
Classroom Birthday Chartdownload
Printable Birthday Calendar Template
Printable Birthday Calendar Templatedownload
Printable Birthday Chart
Printable Birthday Chartdownload
Birthday Reminder Chart Printable
Birthday Reminder Chart Printabledownload
Printable Birthday Chart
Printable Birthday Chartdownload
Printable Birthday Chart Cupcake
Printable Birthday Chart Cupcakedownload

Does your birth chart change?

Well, since all the information is inputted based on our personal information about our birth, well, we can conclude that the birth chart can not change. It really depends on our information about the first time we came to the world, or simply, born. This chart doesn't depend on the current place where we are living, but where the place was taken when we were born.

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