Printable Fluid Intake Charts

Jan 11, 2022
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Printable Fluid Intake Charts
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Fluid Intake and Output Chart
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What is the normal fluid intake for adults?

Not only food intake needed by humans to stay alive. You also need fluid that enters the body. Although the activities carried out vary, there are normal fluid intake standards that should be consumed in order to have a healthy body. Because men and women have different activities, normal standards for fluid intake are also different. For men, they should consume 3.7 litres of fluid in one day, while for women, only 1 litre is less than men, 2.7 litres.

What fluid intake charts contain?

In order to know the fluid intake that you do every day, you better use the fluid intake charts. This chart consists of the amount of fluid that you have consumed. The easiest way, make a cup of water image that matches the capacity of the glass you normally use. In one day, make sure the cup is in accordance with the normal amount of fluid that should be consumed by people. You can make it like a checklist. If you don't meet the fluid intake on the chart every day, an effort will be made to make the chart useful.

Is it OK to drink 4 Litres of water a day?

Consuming 4 litres of water in a day has a different effect on each person. For people who do workouts and other strenuous activities, having 4 litres of water in one day is not a big deal because it is worth the energy expended. In people who do ordinary activities without the need for significant energy, 4 litres is too excessive because even though they are not dehydrated, other diseases such as hyponatremia. It would be better to find out the right amount of fluid intake based on activity, body weight and also age. Don't worry, there is a manual formula created to do the calculation.

Printable Daily Fluid Intake Chart
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Printable Fluid Intake and Output Chart
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Printable Water Intake Chart By Age
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Does Coke count as water intake?

Fluid intake needed by the body is not only water but also other types that have a fluid form. Coke, coffee, tea and other drinks can be included in the fluid intake category. It's just recommended to consume water because it is not mixed with other ingredients that have flavourings. You can still consume juice, coke and others. But it would be better dominated by water content to achieve a healthy body without a mixture of sugar and other substances present in coke, juice, caffeine and tea.

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