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Jan 16, 2013
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Printable Lined Paper
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What ruled paper means?

Ruled paper is a piece of paper that contains printed horizontal lines. The horizontal lines are used as a guide to write. So, the result of the handwriting is straight and justified. Even though the ruled paper is filled with mostly horizontal lines, we can also find one vertical line. The function of the vertical line is to give the border where the handwriting should start. The vertical line is printed on the left side of the ruled paper sheet. Even though this paper comes in a form of notebooks, we can download ruled paper template to print our own sheets.

How do you write a ruled paper?

1.    Pick a doubled-lined paper
Sometimes, the common form of the ruled papers only contain a single line. However, this is not really helpful for kids that begin the handwriting lessons. So, the doubled-lined papers can be a good option. It's actually similar to the common ruled paper, but it has the dashes in the middle of space that separates each line. These additional dashes can guide kids, especially when it comes to writing lowercase letters.
2.    Introduce various kinds of lines of ruled paper
This will exercise them to adjust their writings when they experience different kinds of lines in the ruled paper. This kind of method encourages them to be adaptive.
3.    Convince them to write independently
After they seem to be able to adapt the various kinds of lines in the ruled paper, let them write in a single line of the ruled paper. If they are able to do this without any hassle, it means they are capable of doing a handwriting in a single line of ruled paper. Keep doing this, and leave the doubled-lined ruled paper behind.

Printable Lined Paper to Print
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Printable Lined Paper Template
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Printable Lined Writing Paper Template
Printable Lined Writing Paper Templatedownload
Printable Lined Writing Paper Template
Printable Lined Writing Paper Templatedownload
College Ruled Lined Paper
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Printable College Ruled Lined Paper
Printable College Ruled Lined Paperdownload
Printable Wide Lined Paper
Printable Wide Lined Paperdownload
College Ruled Lined Paper
College Ruled Lined Paperdownload

When was ruled paper invented?

The origin version of the ruled paper can be found approximately in 1100 CE. There were monks that needed to copy the exact word and shapes from the bible or poetry. In this era, papers and inks were expensive. If they found a mistake, they needed to repeat their job. Repeating only wasted their ink and papers. So, they create horizontal lines and borders with a tool named vellum. The ruled paper was made in 1770. John Tetlow, the inventor, patented the hardware that involves paper. This hardware was named by the British government as a device for ruling paper for music and other purposes." Tetlow incidentally named the device after himself. Since then, ruled paper comes in various types. If we often see ruled paper with blue lines inside, this trend has started since the beginning of the 1800s. Furthermore, we may hear a term called loose leaf. This kind of paper is needed as the refill product for the binder. In fact, loose leaf was invented in 1914.

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