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Apr 19, 2021
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Christmas Theme Printable Paper Borders
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What are some good Christmas themes?

Although Christmas this year is celebrated in a different way, the party can still be held in many different ways. With limitations, in some areas, the party can still be held. So, to make it much more fun and exciting, you can start by preparing the theme. But, do it after selecting whom you throw the party with. Then, choose a hundred themes available, like An Open House, A Movie Theme, A Wonka Christmas, or maybe Around the World Christmas. After deciding, you can start creating the announcement through the Paper Christmas theme. Spread it in some spots in your neighborhood.

What Christmas decorations can you make out of paper?

Instead of having your budget blown up because of buying the Christmas decoration stuff, you can start minimizing it by creating decorations with a paper Christmas theme. You can start by having some Swedish paper stars. The stars are classic but it can always give a warm impression to people. If you want to have something hanging on your door, you can make metallic paper wreaths. It sure needs time to finish but once it is done, your door will never look the same. Other than that, you can also create some paper birds, paper lanterns, folded fir trees, or maybe quilled snowflakes.  

Christmas Letter Paper Templates
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Christmas Paper Borders
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Printable Christmas Borders
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How do you make paper Christmas chains?

It is known that paper Christmas chains are created only for kids. It is because the paper Christmas theme can make the kid’s hands busier and more creative. But actually, the paper chains are just not for kids, it can entertain the whole family in a way. If you are interested in trying, you need to prep some recycled papers, glue, and also scissors. Oh, you can use it as one of those Christmas games by creating it into competitions. First thing first, start by cutting the recycled paper into strips. But make sure it is not too thin or thick. Then, curl the paper and glue one end to another. Then, do the first step but feed the strip through the middle of the first chain and glue one end to another. Repeat it until the time is up.

What is the longest paper chain?

Actually, there is a competition for creating the longest paper chain ever. And you know what, there is a world record to it. Based on Guinness World Records, the person who can create the longest paper chain ever in the world is Julie Mckinney in the United States in 2014. The American can create a paper chain measuring 779,21 meters long. And what makes it more interesting is that this effort is done in just under 12 hours. Isn’t it fantastic?

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