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Updated on Jun 30, 2022
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Printable Flower Petal Template
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How can I make wall decorations from the paper flower?

As we have seen, flowers are commonly used as a wedding decoration. They usually use fresh flowers which arrange at the wedding venue. Besides, the real flower can be used to beautify your desk, but still, you almost have to change it every day because the fresh flower is easier to wilt.

However, you can also use the flower template as your room decoration. To make flower wall decorations, using flower paper is preferred. If you are using flower paper, it will be long lasting than using the real ones.  Therefore, you can download the flower paper template and create the decoration by yourself. Here’s how to do it.

First, choose the flower template which consists of the petals and the stalks you can arrange. Prepare other materials such as scissors, glue, pen, picture frame, white solid paper, and coloring pencils.

Print out the template. Draw the pattern to the flower petals. Making various patterns would be great. You can use love patterns, circular, lines, crossing lines, and many more. After being drawn the pattern, continue to color it with coloring paper. Don’t forget to color the flower stalk too.

Continue to arrange the petals one by one to make a flower, then you can stick the stalks. If you need more than one design, continue with the same steps until you get the amount you wish.

Place the flower into the white background and continue to put the flower into the picture frame. Hang it on your wall. Creating a flower decoration theme can be interesting if you are trying to do it by yourself. You can also elaborate your creativity to beautify your room.

What are the most beautiful flowers in the world?

The flower is one of God’s creations and has an adorable form. The flower has various types which also represent the meaning. For example, the red rose represents love, lily symbolizes purity and beauty.  There are some kinds of flowers that are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Here are them.

The first one is water lily. Lily has more than 70 species that spreading around the world. This flower helps balance the ecosystem and water temperature and also provide great habitat condition. You can find it in various colors such as pink, orange, white, blue, and purple.

The second is blending heart. This flower catches everyone's attention due to its beautiful heart shape. A bleeding heart consists of two kinds of colors white, yellow, pink, and red. It grows well in a moist and cool season.

The cherry blossom also considered being the most beautiful flower in the world. This flower has significant in Japanese culture as a symbol beauty of life. It is even displayed in a festival named by National Cherry Blossom Festival.

A unique flower from South Africa is the Bird of Paradise. When blooming, it has an orange and blue color that looks gorgeous as paradise. That’s why it belongs to one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Dahlia has 42 different species in the world that has their attractive sides.

We all could agree that the rose should be included as one of the prettiest flowers in the world. It represents love, affection, and purity. Rose has various shades such as red, white, yellow, orange, and pink. In conclusion, all flowers have their shape which makes them have pretty sides.

Rose Paper Flower Template Printable
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How to make a paper flower for kids?

The reason crafting is used in kids’ classes is because it has some benefits. Crafting can boost students’ moods, improve students’ confidence, and reduce stress. Besides, it also improves kids’ mental agility, increases gross and motor movements also decreases cognitive ability.

There are many crafting styles you can apply in the classroom. Crafting flowers is one of the common patterns for kids crafting. If you want to arrange for your students to make one of these, you can start by looking for the template you want to apply. Here are the details.

Prepare the paper craft in various colors, flowers template, glue, and scissor. First, print out the flower template. Make the students cut the papercraft in the abstract. After that, they can continue to glue it on the flower template.

Place various colors of paper to make it more gorgeous. For the flower stalks, students can cut the green papercraft and stick it to the stalk part template. If you want to create the craft without using the template, you can continue to use the following steps as guidance.

Then guide your students to cut the paper craft into a circular shape. They can cut it in various color to make the flower paper looks gorgeous. Prepare white paper to be a background. Instruct students to fold the circle into two parts.

This will become the flower petals. Guide them to place the folding in a round shape to make it looks like a flower. For the stalks, they can draw them using a green coloring pen along with the leaves part.       

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