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Updated on May 31, 2021
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Lined Writing Paper with Box
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What is lined paper called?

Lined paper is paper made with horizontal longitudinal lines. The names of the lined paper that are known by many people are quite varied. This is because the functions and traditions are hereditary in an area to call it different too. However, because all parts of the paper are filled with lines, it is usually known as a ruled paper. The lined function in the paper is the same as the ruler function in all aspects of the needs of many people. Lined paper that meets the standards can be used for writing without disturbing the eyes to the writing.

What is the standard of lined paper?

The lined paper itself has a standard for each type of user needs. The factors that can be part of the standard are the existing lines. Focus on the lines, not just the neatness of the lines on the paper. This includes line thickness, distance from one line to another, line colour selection, and even consideration of parts of the paper that do not need to be outlined. In some papers, some are not given a full line in a page. This functions so that the space that is not given a line can be used for notes, image attachments, and other things.

Is lined paper only for writings?

The typical user of lined paper is for writings. This works best for writings that consider the beauty of handwriting such as cursive letters and the like. But not only for writings, if you can maximize the other functions of the lines in the paper, but it might also be a good innovation. Using lined paper for writings has been known since children at the elementary level of formal education as a tool to practice writing well. Over time, this function is continuously being applied to the next generation so that people assume that the function of lined paper is only for writings.

Printable Writing Paper Template
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Can I print lined paper?

Printing on lined paper is not impossible. Take it easy, it doesn't take a lot of effort to draw lines on paper because one of the most famous document software, Word, already provides tools to create lines on paper automatically. What's even cooler is that you can make your own adjustments to the thickness, spacing and colour of the lines without the hassle of handwriting. After customizing the lined paper in Word, you can immediately print it with a standard printer.

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