Printable Reward Charts For Teachers

Jun 23, 2022
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Printable Reward Charts For Teachers
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Sticker Reward Charts Printables
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Are reward charts a good idea?

As a teacher, we need to keep motivating our students to behave right. No, it's not controlling them, but we encourage them to spread kindness. Yes, just like us as an adult, to make ourselves motivated, the reward is used to make us have our own spirit to do things. When we have accomplished the goal after we are rewarded, we like to get an appreciation. Yes, this happens to our kids and students. If we encourage them to do kindness, we should give them a reward and compliments. So, as a teacher who will be responsible for motivating and encouraging the kids, we need reward charts for teachers. This is a good device to help the students know their progress to do kindness and positivity. Consequently, the students will notice what to do and not do.

However, is it really a good idea to have reward charts for teachers that will be used to motivate our students? Well, many experts and researches agree that the charts are helping to change their behavior to be better. However, they don't deny that the charts don't work on every child. They also emphasize that this can't cut all the problematic behavior at once. However, generally, it is considered as an effective way to encourage kids to behave nicely if we use the right method to implement them.

What is a reward chart?

Before we download reward charts for teachers to be used in class for motivating our children, firstly we should understand what reward charts for teachers are. Well, it's because how can we know how to use it for the students if we don't know about the reward charts for teachers. Well, a reward chart or reward charts for teachers in specific can be defined as a series of goals that we want our kids to achieve. To track the progress and appreciate them, we use a star sticker to mark the score of the students. The more the stars they get, the higher the score they collect. So, the behavior is close to the indicator that is consent with both parties, including the students and the teachers. If they reach the highest score, they will get a gift as a reward, like a bar of chocolate or stationery.

Printable Reward Charts for Good Behavior
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How do you make a reward chart?

After we know the definition and the efficacy of reward charts for teachers, finally we are in the phase of creating this kind of charts. Keep in mind, we can download reward charts here. However, we also understand that there are some tips on making a reward chart. Remember, the category and the information inside the chart should be placed based on the needs of both parties, including the teachers and students. Here are the steps and tips on making reward charts for teachers:
Select which behaviors that we want our students to improve.

  1. Pick the most suitable way to give a reward.
  2. Download the behavior chart template.
  3. Elaborate on the program when using reward charts for teachers to our students.
  4. Don't forget to implement the reward.
  5. Keep encouraging them to spread positivity through their behavioral changes. If they have reached the goals, phase out gradually.

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