Printable Easter Bunny Boxes

Mar 30, 2022
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Printable Easter Box Template
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How to make a bunny Easter box?

Those tiny boxes are incredibly simple to construct and they would create great table displays or lovely small presents when loaded with some tasty sweets.

What is required to create DIY rabbit boxes:

  • Free printable DIY rabbit box
  • Knife and scissors for crafts
  • Two-sided tape or glue
  • A white pompom (optional)


How to create your own DIY rabbit treat boxes:

  1. First, print the template you downloaded onto some A4 paper by searching for it online. Printing the carrot templates on plain printer paper and the rabbit templates on heavier paper will yield a great outcome.

  2. Using a pair of scissors or a craft knife, trim out the carrots and rabbits.

  3. The dashed lines should be followed when folding each template. The paper should first be sliced with a craft knife along the dashed line for a truly crisp fold.

  4. Utilizing the double-sided tape, attach the rabbit's feet and head to the box once it has been folded.

  5. You can also embellish each box with an amusing detail, such as a tiny bunny tail like a white pompom.

  6. Filling your package with delectable delicacies is all that remains now.


What are some Easter activities you can enjoy with your kids?

When everyone is asleep, gnaw on the carrot tip and pour a small amount of water during Easter.

The house should be covered in "rabbit fur." Create a path starting from the entrance to the buried Easter baskets using cotton balls that have been torn apart.

Sprinkle glitter or baby powder on the floor to make bunny footprints that lead to and from the Easter baskets.

Make a rabbit paw print pattern with glitter or powder. For making the prints, just use the paw of a plush animal.

Request the Easter Bunny. Initiate the Easter morning with a lovely note by leaving a jelly bean path from your kid's bedroom to the Easter basket.

When your kid is occupied with other activities later in the whole day, leave a particular path for them to follow if you don't wish for them to eat all the candy too soon.

Can kids participate in Easter celebrations with other kids?

It's possible that you'll be required to be more persuasive when your kid gets older.

They might be of an age at which they are interested but unconvinced about the existence of the Easter Bunny, however, there are a few theories that could help to maintain the legend, such as:

  • Easter hampers for children should contain a letter from the Easter bunny. Quickly jot out a note on paper with a rabbit or springtime motif, and add your paw print as your signature.

  • If it's nice outside, use multicolored chalk to write a greeting from the Easter Bunny on your entrance or pavement.

  • Inviting a friend or family member to dress up as a rabbit and jump across your garden at a specified time can be a good idea for even older kids.


Have yourself a fun and happy celebration with kids together for a moment to remember!

Easter Craft Box Template
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Easter Bunny Gift Box Template
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Easter Bunny Gift Box Template
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Printable Easter Bunny Box
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How should a classic Easter egg hunt be conducted?

Who could resist a classic egg hunt? Your Easter egg hunt may be a hit for the involved kids of all ages with the help of a few ideas, methods, and helpful modifications that can't be resisted.

When you're having one person go looking for kids of different ages, give the younger ones a good start of several minutes. The older and smaller children should participate in different hunts.

Each small child should be paired with a responsible adult who is aware of the location of the eggs. If not, the school-aged children will clear up the area of the eggs before a little one even starts.

Give each kid a particular egg color to search for, and this will level out the playing field. The kid who locates all of the eggs of the designated color first may be selected as the winner.

Consider hiding a few golden eggs with unique prizes like cash or gift cards for older children.

Organize a large number of kids into groups if you're engaging a lot of kids, and have the teams alternate concealing and uncovering the eggs.

How can paper bags be made into bunnies for Easter?

When celebrating Easter, you can make this creative bunny paper bag to enliven your Easter night!

In order to begin, first, use a standard lunch bag made of paper. Draw the rabbit ears' contours. Follow the wing/winged lines as you cut.

The tough aspect is this. For the ears, you now have to smooth out the sack slightly. Next, treats and Easter greenery should be included in your bag.
This phase is also somewhat challenging. You must fuss and fluff the ears while you fasten the sack firmly.

Use baker's twine, string, or any other material you might have at home to make a knot in the bag. Additionally, after tying, you'll need to fluff those ears once more.

Fast-drying hot glue can be used to attach a large cotton ball rabbit tail, or glue that dries slowly at room temperature. Anything that's available around you.

Add a tag with your handwriting as the primary component. There you have it! A brand-new Easter custom has been developed creatively. You may get whatever you need right in your own home by using basic things.

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