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Mar 06, 2023
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Short Intro About Photography to Know

You can get aesthetic photos if you use good photography techniques. Photography comes from the words photos and graphos. Both are of Greek origin. Photos mean the light and grafos is painting or drawing. So, photography means the activity of drawing or painting using light.

Photography is a way to produce photos of an object. The object can be obtained because of the reflection of light on the object. Well, the reflection is recorded by the camera lens. The camera lens has a high sensitivity to lighting.

The working principle of photography is to focus light through refraction. It will cause the light-capturing medium to burn. The combustion is carried out using luminance. Luminance is a measure of the intensity of light coming from a one-way source.

That makes the object's shadow identical to the light entering the refracting medium. The refracting medium is a lens. However, the intensity of light must also be precise. That's why a light meter is needed to provide good light intensity.

How to Make A Great Easter Photo with The Family in Frame?

Photography is one of the most favorite things for people. Especially with the presence of social media, many people need photography, so they can upload their best photos to social media. Usually, people need photography for collecting seasonal photographs.

One of the best seasons for a photo shoot is Easter. At Easter, you will gather with loved ones such as family. At that moment, you can use photography services to capture the moment of family togetherness.

Not only use photography services, but you can also make your own photography session with your family. To get good Easter photographs, here are some tips about collecting seasonal photographs: how to make a great Easter photo with the family in frame.

  1. Do A Family Photo Session at The Right Time

    If you want to do a photo session with your family, find the best time to do it. Especially if you choose an outdoor theme, you have to do a photo session when the weather is sunny. Don't let the family photo event you are preparing for fail because of bad weather.

    So, avoid taking photos when the weather is rainy. It's a good idea to do a family photo session in a studio or indoors if you want to do a quiet and comfortable photo session.

  2. Choose The Right Location

    Location is one of the most important parts of doing a photo session with the family. By choosing the right photography location, you can produce great photos for your Easter. Look for locations that have an Easter theme. Examples are parks or farms.

    You can come to the rabbit farm and take photos with your family and the cute rabbits there. Because Easter is held every spring, your photos can be more interesting with views of the trees and flowers blooming.

  3. Camera Settings

    Camera settings are also important when you take photos with your family. Make sure all family members feel comfortable. Well, make sure that you have set the camera properly. That's what can make your photos look good. Don't forget to do a little editing on the photo.

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What is Family Photo Ideas for Easter?

Easter holiday moments should be spent in fun activities with the family. Well, taking pictures is one of the things you should do. There are various interesting themes that you can make the best ideas about. Here are some ideas you can try.

  1. Painting Eggs Together

    Painting Easter eggs has always been a favorite activity at Easter. Children and adults love that activity. Well, you can use this theme to make family photos at Easter.

    Just make an Easter egg painting event with your family. Then, take some fun moments while doing these activities. Various funny expressions will appear in the camera shots.

  2. Take Pictures with Pets

    Easter is also synonymous with several animals, such as chicks and rabbits. However, other animals can also be invited to celebrate Easter with the family. You can use this method to produce interesting Easter photos.

    If you have pets in your house, ask your family members to take pictures of these animals. You can also come to the zoo or pet shop to take some family photos with cute animals.

  3. Use The Flower Crowns

    Easter is also synonymous with flowers. Usually, people like to make flower crowns for Easter. Well, you can ask all your family members to make flower crowns together. Then, capture the moment in beautiful photos.

  4. Take A Photo with Easter Eggs

    Easter eggs are very good to be used as an aesthetic object in Easter photos. Put some Easter eggs in the yard. Then, place baskets filled with Easter eggs there. Then, you and your family can take pictures with those Easter eggs.

  5. Church

    During the Easter celebration, Christians worship in church. You can go to church with your family. After finishing the Easter service, you can take pictures with them in beautiful places inside or outside the church area. So, you can feel closer to your family on Easter.

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