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Apr 01, 2022
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What are Easter Eggs?

Easter eggs come from Europe. These eggs are not objects that exist in Christian religious celebrations but in other religions.

According to Carole Levin, Professor of History and Program Director of Medieval Studies at the University of Nebraska, Easter originates from an Anglo-Saxon festival. The festival is a form of respect to the Goddess Eastre to welcome the arrival of spring.

So, why are eggs synonymous with Easter? Before Easter, Christians must fast. They may not eat meat or other types of animal products. At the same time, the chickens continued to lay eggs.

When Lent ends, the eggs are distributed to people who can't afford meat at Easter. They also give it as a gift for children.

From there, people in Victoria adapted the tradition by using eggs made of cardboard and filled with Easter gifts. That is what eventually became a tradition for Christians at Easter.

What is An Easter Egg Hunt?

Easter Egg Hunt is one of the activities that is usually done at Easter celebrations. This game is a type of treasure hunt for children. In doing the egg hunt, the children have to look for the clues given and find the hidden eggs.

The eggs used are real eggs that have been boiled and painted. However, there are also Christian communities that use fake eggs filled with chocolate or candy.

This tradition is a fun activity at Easter celebrations. In fact, there are also non-Christian communities who participate in the egg hunt.

Egg hunting is done outdoors, but actually, it can also be done indoors. The level of difficulty in finding eggs is also adjusted to the age of the children. Usually, there are some obstacles added to the game to keep the kids more challenged.

Along with the times, the Easter egg hunting game also experienced innovation, so children would not get bored. At this time, the organizers of the event include coupons containing various wishes for children. There are coupons that contain tasks for children to do, but there are also coupons that contain gifts for them.

Can Easter Egg Hunts Encourage Children's Curiosity and Exploration?

Egg hunting is not only a fun game but also the best way to teach the learning process to children. The reason is, egg hunting can help children to increase their curiosity and exploration.

How can Easter egg hunts encourage curiosity and exploration? So, by playing these games, children will be able to activate their brains. In addition, cognitive and motor skills are also getting better.

With this game, children will try to be able to find the eggs according to the instructions given. So, they will try their best to collect eggs and win prizes. That is what makes their curiosity and exploration increase.

The Easter egg hunt is an activity that combines hard-to-find elements, items, and references. It is a kind of prolonged game where players have to explore all areas.

Not only make they discover new areas they haven't seen yet, but children will also be able to show some emotions when trying to find these eggs. Some children are usually impatient because they haven't found any eggs at all. However, children with high curiosity will try to find it.

Children with a high level of exploration find pleasure when they are challenged and have to explore something in a new area. Well, this method must be taught continuously to other children who do not have a high curiosity.

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What are Other Ideas for Doing An Easter Egg Hunt?

The Easter egg hunt can be innovated to make it more interesting. Here are some ideas for what you can do for egg hunts.

  1. Easter Egg Golden Ticket

    You just put the golden ticket in an artificial Easter egg. The ticket can be written with a special kind of prize. It's a good idea to make more than one egg containing the golden ticket.

  2. Confetti Eggs

    This one game is very simple and fun to do during the Easter holidays. Fill each egg with confetti. The trick is to make a hole in the top eggshell. Then, pour the confetti into it through the hole. Leave one egg filled with gold dust. Next, place all those eggs in different places. Then, ask the children to find them within the allotted time. Now, when all the children have found the eggs, tell them to break the eggs above their heads. The child who gets the egg filled with gold dust is the winner.

  3. Easter Scrambled Eggs

    This is the best innovation of the Easter egg hunt. You have to prepare the type of prize for each participant in the game. 

    Then, state the name of the object that will be made as a gift. After that, make papers containing random letters for the name of the gift. Then, put each piece of paper into the artificial egg. One piece of paper can only be put in one egg.

    Next, place the eggs in all corners of the house separately. You have to give clues telling the kids how many eggs they have to find.

    If they have found the eggs, they have to crack the eggs and arrange the letters on the papers. If they can arrange it into the name of the prize, they will get that prize.

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