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Updated on Apr 01, 2022
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How can you practice making bunny crafts with preschoolers?

Easter is coming! It’s a sign for having the Easter theme craft for your preschooler’s class. Tons of activities linked to this celebration you can choose from. Making a bunny craft belongs to the activities you can hold during this celebration. It’s the bunny that closely becomes a symbol. If you are seeking the idea of making the bunny craft, then this post is for you!

Teach the alphabet while creating the bunny craft sounds engaging. Gather the materials of the paper, cotton, the bunny template, wiggled eyes, marker, glue, and scissor. In this project, kids will make the bunny craft with the B letter as the frame.

Let the kids see the bunny template. It used to acknowledge them about what the bunny gonna looks like. Ask them to make a giant B letter in the background. Go for making the bunny ears stick. Make the kids draw the ears by looking at the template then guide them to make its cutout.

It's time to stick all of the materials together. instruct the kids to stick wiggled eyes on the upper bubble of the B letter. Let them draw other face ornaments by looking at the template. Guide the kids to stick each cotton on the B template. Then, continue with the ears. The bunny alphabet craft is ready to embellish the classroom wall!

That’s an example of a bunny craft for preschoolers, you can go with other styles by elaborating the steps into yours. Bring up your bunny crafting ideas and let the kids have a fun Easter!

How can you turn Easter treats into bunny themes?

While having an Easter kid gathering, you might come up with the treats that represent the day the most. Bunny becomes the cute animal that belongs as an Easter symbol. Elaborating the form of bunny into your kids’ gathering treats sounds to be a good idea. If you seek for recommendations of bunny treats, then check this out and get inspired!

Turning the cake into a bunny looks attractive. Make the cake looks like the bunny face or just make the standing bunny one. Have some bunny sweets as the decorations. Pretzel belongs to kinds of a favorite treat. Turn the pretzel into a bunny ear shape.

Garnish with the cream in various colors to make it spot on. Impress the kids with the bunny cupcakes. The bunny footprint to garnish it sounds interesting too. Go with the color that represents bunny the most, that is grey and white.

 Make adorable bunny fruits belong to attractive treats with still considered healthy food. Create the bunny head shape from watermelon. Stick it into the wooden skewer with other fruit accompanying such as the green grape, cherry, kiwi, strawberry, and more.

Create the carrot treats still linked to the bunny theme. Insert the orange chips into the cone plastic and wrap it with the green ribbon to make it resemble a carrot the most.

Those are the great ideas in the bunny theme. Pick your favorite and turn it into the treats for your kids' gathering!

Printable Easter Bunny Tags
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Printable Easter Tags Bunny Tails
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Printable Easter Bunny Name Tags
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What unique designs of Easter tags?

Wrapping the gift without the tags is incomplete. While preparing the gift for Easter, you can elaborate on some designs that represent the symbols as tags. If you seek ideas for the unique design of Easter tags, check out this below!

Create a unique tag design with the bunny pots as the design. Write the tags on the pot and have some decoration with the bunny looking like entering the ground. Add some greens and flowers as the embellishment. The wooden sign can be considered too. Have the design of the egg and write the tags on it. Give some colorful embellishments to the painting.

The beaded tags sound interesting too. In this case, you need to gather the beads and stick them together as the background of the tags. Have some separated tags made from resin and stick them together. Don’t forget to give the space for the string so you’ll easier in hang it. The beaded tags with the bracelet form are great too.

This is an elaboration of wooden tags with the beaded. Construct the wooden board to look like a small Easter egg and paint it as you wish. Arrange the beads and insert the wooden tags on them. Connected all of the components together and boom! The bracelet tags are ready to place on your gift. Other designs to consider are 3D paper tags, wooden carrot tags, fabric-based tags, and many more.

Those are the ideas of making unique tags. You can come up with elaborate designs for something else. Just keep in mind to list your materials first before jumping into the making process. Spread your present and have a fabulous Easter!

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