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Updated on Dec 14, 2020
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Christmas Ball Ornament Template
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Where Can We Get a Pattern for Christmas Ornament?

You can easily get the pattern for making a Christmas ornament on online sources for free and in a craft book for handmade Christmas ornaments making. On online sites, there are a lot of free templates that you can download and then print straight away. You can also get it from a craft book or magazine Christmas edition. You will be guided with the technique and the materials you need. People need the pattern because there are many kinds of ornament you can make with different supplies.

What Materials Do We Need to Make Christmas Ornaments?

The most important thing you need to have is the pattern. You can print the pattern from your computer or copy it from a craft book Christmas edition. Then, you have to prepare some supplies for making ornaments. There are a lot of materials you can choose from. For instance, you can use wire for a wire star tree ornament, popsicle stick for a small sled figure, leftover fabrics for a small Christmas tree, and even salt dough to make the ornaments. For the final touch, you will need additional materials such as ribbon, scissors, sewing kit, glue, and so on depending on the primary supplies of the ornament. 

Where Can We Make the Pattern for Christmas Ornament?

 You can actually make the pattern everywhere; at home, school, and public places. Since Christmas is in winter, people choose to get themselves warm so they make the pattern in their bedroom or in front of the fireplace. Before the Christmas break, students make the pattern at school in art class or in the Church Hall for a Christmas party. Artists also make the pattern in public places like the Christmas market because they can get many inspirations and ideas on what to make for the Christmas-themed ornament.

Printable Christmas Tree Ornament Patterns
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Felt Christmas Ornament Patterns
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Christmas Ornament Patterns
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What Can We Give with Homemade Christmas Ornaments?

There are a lot of choices of homemade Christmas ornament for a gift. Since it is homemade, it also means handmade. Let's start with the thing that will make your friend's house smell earthy too: cinnamon applesauce ornament. It is considered homemade because you can get the supplies from the kitchen counter. Next, there is a paper strip ornament and metallic paper ball ornament you make from glittery and colored paper. If paper-based ornament will last for a short period of time, you can give button and felt ornament or patchwork quilt ornament you can make from your brand new sewing machine.

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