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Oct 07, 2013
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How can I lose weight eating 5 meals a day?

You might think this is insane. How can someone lose weight while they’re eating 5 meals a day? Aren’t they supposed to eat less? Well, at first, it might seem illogical. But, you should understand the concept: five small meals a day takes the edge off your appetite and keeps your energy steady. It evens out blood sugar levels. So, this lifestyle is actually good as long as the foods are full of nutrition and not too much.

What should I do to change my habit into eating 5 meals a day?

Although, it seem easy but the fact it is not. To have this lifestyle, you might need to change your habit a little bit. Eating 5 meals a day doesn’t mean you eat a lot of foods. You will eat 5 times but in a small size, get it? And to do that (just in case you become greedy), you should follow these steps below. This step by step will help you eating 5 meals a day with dignity. The goal isn’t makes you greedy, but make you healthy. So, check this out!

1.       Planning

Yes, you should make a plan what you will eat every day. Seems troublesome, huh? But, don’t worry because you can write it through the food log. This is why you will need 7 day food log 5 meals a day. This log will help you a lot! Five meals a day consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks in between. You need to schedule eating every 2-3 hours a day. So, you better prepare your food log now!

2.       Make a stock

You will eat 5 times a day and it means, there must be foods around you. Remember do not put unhealthy foods, only foods with high nutrition are allowed! You’re going to grab whatever food is closest. So, put veggies, fruits, low-fat dairy product such as milk or yogurt around you! Also do not forget to record your food on your log every time you eat it. This food history will help you make an assessment whether you’re success or not.

3.       Choose the delicious food

Diet doesn’t mean torturing yourself, right? So, in this healthy lifestyle, you have to choose the delicious food. Go for taste! To make you sustain with this new lifestyle, you should eat good and taste food.

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How do you set up a 7 day food log?

When you are about to make a food log, you need to write everything down. It means that every small detail about the food you ate. You can search later about how many nutritions you had a day after you know whether your food is fried or boiled, as an example.  Do not rely on your memory. Always record what you're eating and drinking as you go during 7 days. Make an estimation of the amounts of the food you eat. If you have a piece of cake, estimate the size. How much portion of meat you eat. You need to write  down the truth, never cheat to look like you have achieved something good. Noting down the mood when you eat and drink also can impact what and when you eat or drink.

Why do I need to keep journals for meals?

A journal of your daily food log can teach you things. You may start to realize that you are probably engaging in unhealthy patterns. Keeping a journal can track whether you eat when you’re hungry or not. You can identify the choices you have made and work on new habits later on to make better patterns for your eating habits. It also helps you to connect on what and how you eat to how your body feels. Keeping a journal food also lets you know about how you feel after you eat certain kinds of foods. When you start to make a 7 days food log, it can lead you to eating clean in order to feel better.

What happened to my body for eating 5 meals a day?

When you’re on a diet, an option to eat 5 meals a day might be an option. It can help you from feeling overly hungry. It may also help to arouse blood sugar and energy levels so it will be more manageable for you to restrict calorie off its limit.  If you are new, this means to have it in a small portion. 5 mini meals a day can also help calm your serious cravings and hunger signals within your blood sugar levels. When you are able to do this frequently, your body also has a good effect on cholesterol and insulin levels. However, having 5 meals a day does not cause weight loss as you expected. Because you don’t burn calories only by eating small meals frequently. 

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