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Jul 13, 2022
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Printable Daily Food Log
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What types of food include healthy carbs?

As a human, we need to fulfill daily nutrition to keep us in healthy conditions. One of the nutrients we need to recharge our energy is carbs.

However, consuming a lot of carbs can cause severe problems such as diabetes and heart disease. That’s why maintaining your health condition can be done by controlling the carbs consume in a day.

Choosing the types of carbs is also crucial. There are some foods with high carbohydrates contains but also healthy at the same time. Here are the details.

The first one is quinoa. This nutritious seed contains high carbs but is also rich in fiber and protein which have various health benefits. Consuming quinoa can keep your blood sugar at a stable level and make your heart healthy.

Oats are also included in healthy carbs. It contains vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that can help you to decrease your cholesterol level in your body. According to a source, consuming oats also reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers your blood sugar levels.

Banana is one fruit variant that contains high healthy carbs, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and other compounds of the plant. This fruit helps to maintain your blood sugar pressure and improve your digestive health.

Besides containing healthy carbohydrates, sweet potatoes are also a source of potassium, vitamin A, and C. It helps you against chronic disease. Another food with healthy high carbs contains are buckwheat, beets, oranges, blueberry, grapefruit, apples, chickpeas, and kidney beans.

In order to maintain your carbs consumption, you can change your carbs with those healthy carbs to fulfill your daily carbs needs.

What are the unhealthiest carbohydrates?

To make your brain works optimally, you have to consume carbs in your daily intake. This nutrient also becomes your source of energy. Therefore, many people tend to decrease their carbs consumption because the high consumption is linked with increased blood sugar levels and also weight gain.

If you are on a tight diet, you might need the reference to know the types of food that you should avoid and limit consumption. The following explanation will mention it.

Bread is made with flour which contains high carbs contains. Limit the consumption of food with bread as the bases such as burgers, sandwiches, burritos, bagels, and any other loaves of bread. Most grains also have unhealthy carbs contains.

Change your grains consumed with the healthier ones such as quinoa, oats, and so on. If you are on a low-carb diet, you can also avoid starchy vegetables such as corn and potato. Better to choose non-starchy veggies such as asparagus and mushroom.

Low carbs diet requires you to set aside your wants from pasta. It must be hard for pasta lovers, but you need to avoid it due to its unhealthy carbs contains.

Sweet breakfast cereal also includes high carbs. Make sure you use the right measurements in consuming this food. Avoid eating chips and crackers. You can change it with healthy veggies snacks that have lower carbs contains.

If you are on low carbs diet, maintain your carbs consumption by changing the source of the carbs with the ones that have low carbs contains. To help you with it, you can use carbs food log as a carbs consumption tracker to keep you on track.

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What happens if you eat too many carbs?

Consuming any food in large amounts is bad. It is also in line with carbohydrate consumption. Carbs in daily intake need to be balanced with any other nutrients to fulfill your nutrient need.

High carbs consumption might increase the risk of any disease such as heart disease and diabetes. Besides, it also caused other potential health issues.

Therefore, you need to know the effects of consuming too many carbs as a daily intake. Here’s the detailed information.

One of the factors you gain weight is because you are not controlling the carbs consume in a day. Too many carbs and calorie intake on a daily basis make your body mass getting increase.

It can also make you crash energy which leaves you to be less energized after you eat. Consuming a lot of carbs also makes you crave any sweetness. Because of unbalanced consumption, high carbs contain can make your skin break out.

One of the signs of high carbohydrate consumption is bloating which is caused by the carbs holding the water. High carbs allow your body system to increase your cholesterol levels in your body which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

As a result, it is important to maintain your carbs consumption daily due to those kinds of health issues. Therefore, you need to consider a low carbs diet.

If you need tools to help you maintain carbs intake, carbs food log is required. This log is used to track the carbs consume in your daily intake.

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