Printable Halloween Worksheets Kindergarten

Sep 27, 2013
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Kindergarten Halloween Worksheets Printables
Kindergarten Halloween Worksheets Printablesdownload

Why is it called kindergarten?

The word kindergarten comes from the German language. Kinder means children and Garten means garden. The term dates back to the 19th century. Friedrich Froebel started the first kindergarten, Garden of Children, in 1840. According to Froebel Site, Froebel coined the word kindergarten and symbolized his vision for early childhood education: "Children are like small flowers; they are varied and need care, but when seen in the group of peers, each is beautiful alone and glorious. "The kindergarten of Froebel was packed with items for children to play with. A collection of gifts and occupations he produced. These were designed to help children understand and appreciate patterns in nature and to expose them to basic physics, geometry, and architecture concepts.

Are worksheets developmentally appropriate for kindergarten?

For many years now, theorists have researched child development and it is widely known and accepted that children learn through play. Children don’t just learn through play, they learn absolutely everything through play! This happens during the first 6 years. They do not learn to think, solve problems, read, write, or do mathematics without playing. Sadly, over the past few years, the trend has been to formalize the education of young children-to shift it away from play to more institutional practices. For several factors, worksheets and workbooks are not developmentally suitable for young people.

Halloween Worksheets Kindergarten
Halloween Worksheets Kindergartendownload
Halloween Worksheets Kindergarten
Halloween Worksheets Kindergartendownload
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Halloween Math Worksheetsdownload
Printable Halloween Worksheets
Printable Halloween Worksheetsdownload
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What’s wrong with the worksheet?

Worksheets often have a “right” answer. Which means that they also have a wrong answer. However, the wrong answer does not encourage kids to learn from it using trial and error. Instead, the incorrect responses on a worksheet lead children to conclude that risk-taking is of little benefit and only the correct responses are respected. Seeing a lot of wrong answers may also decrease the confidence of a child in his or her capacity. Likewise, it is only possible to use worksheets in one way. This suggests that kids do not use higher-order cognitive skills as they would if they played with complex materials. In order to learn a new idea, children are concrete learners, which implies they need concrete objects. Worksheets are abstract and therefore unable to teach this kind of learner. This is what makes them unacceptable in terms of growth.

How do you make worksheets fun?

There are just some instances when we need to know what the kids know, and at the moment the best way is to hand them a worksheet to practice their skills. There is nothing wrong with that. But, there are a few ways to spice it up when you want to breathe a little more life into the room. And they all start with your worksheets being cut.

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