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Apr 08, 2022
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What is some Easter celebration traditions around the world?

Every country celebrates Easter in a unique way. Despite having different traditions, the reason for celebrating is the same. That is a Christian tradition commemorating Jesus' resurrection.

Having knowledge about how people celebrate Easter is not only fascinating to learn, but it is also a good way to learn about the various cultures and communities in each country. Here are some of the most unusual Easter traditions from around the world.

The first tradition comes from the British island where the flying kites festival begins. The Holy Friday KiteFest was attended by both visitors and locals.

Horseshoe Bay Beach was the site of the celebration. Participants must display and fly their homemade kites. Throughout Holy Week, in Waladli There is a tradition that people cooperatively decorate a large Easter carpet.

They cover the streets in colorful Easter carpets for the Holy Friday procession. Flowers, colored sawdust, fruits, vegetables, and sand are used to make the long carpets. They're frequently covered in scenes that are meaningful to the artists who create them, such as religion, Mayan traditions, nature, and Guatemalan history.

Artists use stencils to quickly assemble the carpets, which can be up to a half-mile long. The day before the Holy Friday celebration, they have only 24 hours to complete their works of art.

People in Italy, celebrate a 350-year-old Easter tradition called Scoppio del Carro. People wearing colorful dresses of 15th-century costumes. You are also able to see the city filled with fireworks along the streets.

Meanwhile young girls in Finland, usually dress up traditionally as Easter witches with brightly colored outfits and freckles painted on their cheeks.

During Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday, the witches go door-to-door with bouquets of willow twigs filled with colorful feathers and tissue paper. A blessing rhyme is recited to Take out the demon spirits.

During these celebrations, kids will get chocolate eggs as Easter presents. In Mexico, Easter celebrations are held for two weeks of celebration. They commonly celebrate Easter in Judas Burning during the Holy Saturday. They present giant figures of Judas Iscariot that later to be blown up in local plazas as it stuffed with fireworks to make it more festive.

Meanwhile, in Spain, the traditional called death dance is performed during Holy Thursday in the Medieval town. People wearing skeleton costumes walk for parades through the streets.

The celebration includes the skeleton while carrying ashes boxes. They also display the macabre dance which starts at midnight until early morning.

Those are some interesting Easter traditions from around the world. You can also study the different traditions of Easter in another country.

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Can you make a holiday greeting card with audio?

Paper-based cards were undeniably timeless indeed. However, regarding the progress of technology, there are various ways for you to collect things in digital form including greeting cards.

If you looking for a cute modern design for sending your loved one a greeting card, the newest kind of dance musical card is the right choice for you this kind of card is not gonna crash even if you save it for years.

This design lately design attracts people's attention regarding the fantastic content of the card. Easter dance musical card includes characters that can dance following the musical audio. Basically, it’s a funny musical card with motion.

The characters that you might choose are rabbits and chicks. Make these characters dance using the card. Then, you might also prepare a funny musical or audio to accompany the dancing chicks or rabbits.

Besides the characters, adding motion text is appropriate too!. The motion text can be written as Easter wishes or greetings. It will be more fun if you use funny Easter-related text.

Children will definitely love this design regarding the dancing characters. The card can be displayed on a large screen, and children can follow the dancing chicks or bunnies while listening to funny music from the cards.

It will make your Easter more enjoyable because playing the Easter Musical cards is a fun activity to do. The effort put in to make it corresponds to the joy that everyone receives from you by creating and sharing this Easter card.

Also, this file has a low chance of crashing, so it can last a long time if saved in the proper document saver. Don't put it off for too long, and do it well!

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