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Feb 24, 2023
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What is Meant by Mathematics?

The word "mathematics" comes from Ancient Greek which means thinking, learning, knowledge, and study. This is a field of science that covers various topics such as numbers, formulas, structures, and shapes.

The science of mathematics has progressed. Now, mathematics has been used throughout the world as an important tool for solving various problems in various things of life. The prime example is in business. Several fields such as engineering, medicine, and economics also need mathematics.

Mathematics can also be used in modeling. By using mathematics, we can estimate quantitatively from the various experiments conducted. Because it is very important for various fields of life, mathematics becomes something important.

What is Math Anxiety?

Mathematics is considered the most difficult subject for children. Moreover, not all children have talent in the field of calculations. This was also proven by Texas Instrument Education Technology in 2018 that as many as 24% of children really hate math.

In fact, some of them also experience math anxiety. What is math anxiety? It is a condition that makes a person feel excessive negative emotions. Some of these emotions are sadness, anxiety, fear, and frustration when having to solve problems that involve numbers. It can happen in academic or everyday life.

What are The Characteristics of Math Anxiety?

Children who experience math anxiety can be characterized by the bad math scores they get. So, there are some special characteristics that indicate children experience this obstacle:

  1. Panic and Hard Focus

    Math anxiety is characterized by a feeling of panic and anxiety when studying or solving math problems. This will make children unable to understand or solve math problems.

  2. Frequently Comparing Values

    Children who are afraid of math will often compare their scores with their friends. In fact, comparing these things can actually make the child more insecure.

  3. They Don't Want To Try

    Children also become unwilling to try to solve math problems. Instead of solving math problems, they prefer to say "can't." Children also become passive and always expect help from others to solve math problems.

  4. Avoiding Math Problems

    Children who are experiencing math anxiety also always try to avoid various situations and conditions related to math problems and learning. If left unchecked, children will not want to study mathematics at all.

What Can Be Done to Helping Kids Get Over The Math Anxiety?

There are several ways you can do for helping kids get over their math anxiety. These methods are very easy to do.

  1. Make Realistic Targets

    You shouldn't just focus on targets or grades but on your child's abilities. Parents must focus on appreciating their children's learning process, not just the final result.
  2. Comfortable Learning Process

    To make children learn math well, create fun vibes. You can teach them about math using games or quizzes. In this way, children can have a positive perception of mathematics.
  3. Provide Additional Courses

    You can also provide special tutoring for them. This method is very effective because it can make children get teaching methods that are suitable for their child's conditions.

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What are Some Fun Math Games?

Educational games are an easy way to make children learn math easily. With that method, children become interested in solving math problems. You can use some of these game ideas.

  1. Money Exchange

    Use fake money to play the game. Ask the children to sit down and teach them the rules of the game first. Then, give money to children with a certain nominal. After that, the children must give money again with the same nominal value on a different type of bill.

  2. Guess The Number

    The second game you can do is guess the numbers. In this way, children can learn to compete and become good at counting. This game is usually done at school, but this game can be modified in a more exciting way and it can be done at home.

  3. Shape Search

    This is a flexible type of math game. Parents can also modify this game so it is not boring. However, it takes team-work and individual skills.

    Have a whistle and a stopwatch ready. Then, invite the children to sit in a quiet place. After that, say one particular formula. An example is the formula for the area of a square.

    Well, the children have to look for objects around them that have a shape like the formula mentioned. When the whistle is blown, the child who finds the object first is the winner.

  4. Ball Throwing Game

    Not only fun, this game also makes children smarter at counting. The game is also very flexible so it can be modified.

    All you need is a whiteboard, markers, and two balls. Then, make 6 square images. After that, fill in each square with a number.

    Next, make two groups of children. Each representative from the group must stand in front of the blackboard. There are two players from each group. Give the ball to the players.

    Then, you have to make a math problem. The children must answer by throwing the ball into the square that has the correct number. If they can answer it correctly, they will get points.

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