Sign Language Numbers 1-100 Chart Printables

Dec 23, 2009
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Printable Sign Language Numbers Chart
Printable Sign Language Numbers Chartdownload

What are sign language numbers?

Sign language numbers, usually known as American Sign Language (ASL), are specialized in numbers. This sign is characterized by the use of fingers as a means of communication. Not only general language or English which involves words and sentences, but also numbers. Sign language numbers have the same function to help people who have difficulty speaking so that the power of communication rests on the fingers and sight by the eye. Sign language numbers have standards that are recognized by all people in the world.

Who need sign language numbers?

People who need sign language numbers are people who have difficulty understanding verbal. But it does not cover the possibility of being used for people who have good speaking skills. Using sign language numbers can also provide efficiency for everyone who uses them. You don't need to bother saying numbers if you can sign from the finger on your hand. Because it has become something international standard, using this sign at the right moment on a formal occasion is not a problem. This can be a moment to appreciate people who have difficulty understanding verbal language without leaving the impression of alienating the person from the association.

Can I do sign language numbers 1-100?

The human finger consists of ten fingers. However, not only sign language numbers one until ten can be created. The numbers one to one hundred can also be carried by ten fingers. Therefore a chart is needed that is able to be a guide for the realization of the delivery of number messages from one to one hundred. One hundred is a multiple of a number made on a scale of one to ten, so it is possible to make it into sign language numbers just by memorizing the contents of the chart created for the numbers one to one hundred.

ASL Sign Language Numbers 1 20
ASL Sign Language Numbers 1 20download

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What a sign language numbers 1-100 chart contain?

On the sign language numbers chart that contains numbers from one to one hundred, of course, you will find many pairs of hands to exemplify each value in numbers. However, this chart may vary. There are those who clearly distinguish the image for each sign number, others make it into a multiple number scale so that those who have the chart must understand the pattern of the multiples. In this type of chart, it is possible to provide some additional descriptions of the sign language numbers.

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