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Mar 24, 2021
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Printable Shapes Chart
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Preschool Shapes Chart
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What are the 16 basic shapes?

When it comes to mathematics lessons, there are plenty of branches included. There is a study about shapes in mathematics. It can be defined as one of the lessons that is commonly taught since the beginning when we learn. Yes, it is called “geometry”.

We definitely have seen the teachers in kindergarten introduce circles, triangles, rectangles, and many more. We are also engaged with the objects that have the similar shapes like the basic shapes, like a piece of paper or a rounded plate.

Those shapes are considered as basic shapes. However, keep in mind, the basic shapes are not as few as we have mentioned before. Actually, there are 16 basic shapes that we are required to know to begin the geometry lessons. There are square, rectangle, triangle, circle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, parallelogram, rhombus, kite, quadrilateral, trapezium.

What are shapes called?

Shapes actually can be described as a construction of an object. It consists of the surface, the outline, and the border that differs a certain object to another. You can find shapes in a single object that you have seen. In a certain branch of mathematics, geometry, there are two main kinds of shapes. There are 2D and 3D objects. The 2D objects mainly consist of two things, width and length. We can't feel something that fills the 2D objects. It's because they don't have heights. To understand the 2D shapes, we can see the information of shapes chart as a form of 2D. Yes, anything that is printed, written, or painted that is not embossed is a form of a 2D object.

The other shape can be called 3D. Things inside the 3D can be found in 2D, which are length and height. However, there is another element in 3D, which is a height. This makes the objects of 3D volumized. When in 2D, we can only see and touch the object. However, in 3D shapes, we can also grip and hold it tight. We can do it because the additional element of the 3D shapes itself. Yes, height.

Basic Shapes Kindergarten
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Free Printable Shapes Chart
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How do you identify shapes?

There are so many types of shapes that sometimes fluster us. However, we don't need to panic. There are some hacks to know the characteristics of a certain shape so you can recite the correct name when you see shapes. The easiest way is to see how many lines that form into a certain shape. For instance, if it has three lines in a shape, we can call it "triangle". The "tri-" in the "triangle" is a sign that the shape has three lines.

The shapes sometimes seem seamless and limitless. So, we can't find how many lines that create a shape. We can count the points of the shape. The points are always in the corner of the shape. So, counting by the points is easier to define which one is a certain shape.

What if there are shapes that have the same amount of lines and shapes, but they look different? Well, we need to remember this. This will make us overwhelmed a little bit, but we don't need to worry. We can find the easiest sample, like square and rectangular. They are different based on the distance between the center to each side of the shapes. If the distance in every side is equal, we can define it as a square. However, if there are two from four lines that are longer or wider, we can call it a rectangular. If we may see all rounded lines without any points or angles made, we can name it as a circle or oval.

Again, they have similar characteristics, but they look different. Things that make them different is, again, the distance from the center to the side. If it has the same distance, we can call it circle and vice versa.

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