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Updated on Mar 24, 2021
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Printable Shapes Chart
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Preschool Shapes Chart
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What is Meant by Geometry?

Geometry is one of the materials that is always taught in school. It is a branch of mathematics. Geometry is made from one point and finally forms a line. Then, the line forms a shape.

In 624-547 BC, geometry was the first mathematics subject taught by Thales. Geometry is related to space. Geometry itself comes from the Greek, geo and metro, which means measure.

Geometry is used to solve various problems related to diagrams, images, vectors, etc. So, it can be concluded that geometry is a branch of mathematics that studies space, shape, composition, size, properties, and relationships between those elements.

At school, students will be taught about points and lines first. Then, it is continued by learning about 2D shapes. If students already understand flat shapes, the teacher will teach them about 3D shapes and volume.

Students can learn the 3D shapes through 3D shapes to cut. However, many schools teach students to learn shapes through shape tracing. They use shape tracing worksheets which present various simple shapes that can be traced.

Most students find it difficult to learn geometry. Well, teachers must use alternative methods to teach geometry to children in an easy way. The trick is to use props to visualize the shape of the flat shape and build up the space. Just use colored paper formed into several geometric shapes.

What are Shape Charts and Their Benefits for Students?

Geometry is related to shapes. So, to make it easier for children to learn shapes or geometry, use shape charts. It is a chart that contains various shapes such as square, triangle, circle, rectangle, oval, etc. These are basic shapes for kids who are just learning geometry.

For advanced levels, students can use shape charts which contain 16 basic shapes and some complex shapes like parallelograms and trapezoids. In addition, the shape chart also contains several 3D shapes.

Why should children learn the shape chart? So, shape charts can help children to improve their visualization skills by learning various shapes. Students can also recognize various shapes in everyday life.

By studying shape charts, students can more easily understand geometric concepts. They can connect and understand the concept of shape more easily so it can become a basic foundation for them to solve various geometric problems with accurate calculations.

Because students have to observe various shapes on shape charts, shape charts can help students develop observation and analysis skills. So, they can observe various objects and relate them to other different objects.

How to Teach Kids Geometry Using Shape Charts?

Because geometry is so important to students, you should teach them geometry using shape charts. Shape charts help students to understand geometric shapes easily. Then, how to teach students about geometry through shape charts?

  • The first way is to ask students to color various shapes on the shape chart.
  • The second way is to ask students to show certain shapes on the shape chart. Ask them to show you a circle, square, triangle, etc.
  • Apart from that, you can also use magnetic tiles. Ask students to create shapes using the magnetic tiles and place them on the shape charts.
  • You can introduce various geometric shapes on shape charts along with the names of these shapes. Then, ask the children to remember the shape and name of the geometry.

Basic Shapes Kindergarten
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2D Shape Chart
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Basic Shape Chart with Names
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Geometric Shapes Printable Templates
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Printable Shapes For Kindergarten
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Free Printable Geometric Shapes Chart
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Free Printable Shapes Chart
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Printable Shapes Chart For Preschool
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Printable Shapes Worksheets
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Why is Learning Geometry Important for Students?

There are many things in life that use geometric shapes. Therefore, students need to understand the various geometric shapes to recognize various objects around them.

Not only that but learning geometric shapes will also make it easier for children to understand science and math. The reason is, geometry is the basic science in mathematics and is related to various other branches of science.

In addition, children can also learn to read and write by recognizing the shapes of numbers and letters. For this reason, shape recognition is important because it is useful for improving reading and writing skills.

Not only use printable shapes worksheets, but you can also use fun games to help children understand these geometric shapes. Some of these shape activities are as follows.

  • Use lego to form a geometric shape. With legos, children can form various 2D and 3D shapes. It's also a fun way to learn geometric shapes because legos are kids' favorite toys.

  • You can also introduce children to different geometric shapes using playdough and toothpicks. Make some geometric shapes using colorful playdough. Toothpicks are used to help children observe every corner of the shapes easily. Then, ask the children to make another 2D or 3D shape with those two items.

  • Next, you can use geoboards. It is a classical geometry tool that is used to introduce shapes, describe their characteristics, and measure geometric shapes.

  • Another way is to use tangrams. It is a geometry tool that is currently widely used by children. This is because these tools are easier to use and can provide a deep understanding of the different patterns of geometric shapes.

  • If you want to provide a more enjoyable geometry learning experience for children, you can use online games. Currently, there are digital games that present various geometric shapes. The educational game is the best tool to teach children about geometry in a fun way.

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