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Nov 11, 2014
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Preschool Alphabet Chart
Preschool Alphabet Chartdownload

How do you memorize the alphabet?

Alphabet becomes something that children must learn from childhood. Understanding the alphabet will make it easier for him to understand other things in the form of an article. When teaching the alphabet, the memorization method is the easiest way for children. Although each child's memory is different, if you continue to involve the alphabet in their activities it will bring good progress. You have to use a few tricks so that children are interested in wanting to remember the alphabet like using a chart with full pages the alphabet.

How many letters should I teach for a week?

Within a week, usually there are 5 full days used to study in formal school. When studying the alphabet, you can use all those 5 days to study. However, the time spent on learning the alphabet can be divided into around 30 minutes in 1 day. For children do not use the long time method to study 1 material, but use the "often" method. With that, children will understand without them knowing. Because it becomes a small routine for them. In about 30 minutes, give little by little letters to learn. Teaching all letters on a day will not have a significant impact when teaching children.

Should you teach lowercase or uppercase letters first?

Teaching children about the alphabet, teachers usually use the alphabet chart full page. In the chart, each letter is usually given an example of the lowercase and uppercase. The teacher can teach further the functions of the lowercase and uppercase after the children understand the alphabet. When in the process of writing a letter by letter, it is better to prioritize lowercase. Because letters in the lowercase will be more often seen by the eyes of children in a writing. Both lowercase and uppercase, children will process it the same way. But as a teacher, you have the right to choose which is more suitable to learn first.

Black and White Alphabet Chart Printable
Black and White Alphabet Chart Printabledownload
Fun Alphabet Learning Charts
Fun Alphabet Learning Chartsdownload
Black and White Alphabet Chart Printable
Black and White Alphabet Chart Printabledownload

What should I teach after the alphabet?

After fluent with the alphabet, the next step should children can develop every letter into a simple sentence. By using a full page of the chart with the alphabet, the teacher can teach children to choose letters on the chart to make sentences. For example make a name. Teach children to write their names in letters on the alphabet chart, after that invite them to read their names. This will be an effective way for children to learn writing and reading.

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