Diabetes Printable Chart Food Healthy

Apr 22, 2022
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Diabetes Printable Chart Food Healthy
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Diabetic Food Chart Diabetes
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What is a good breakfast for diabetic patients?

If you are diagnosed to be of a diabetic patient, eating healthy food is have to be your habit, especially the ones that have lower glucose levels. Glucose is a kind of sugar from the food that your body turns into energy. Therefore, the consumption of glucose in large amounts can cause diabetes. Starting your day with healthy meals is such a serious matter for everyone especially who has diabetes. Here are breakfast menus that you can choose for managing your blood sugar. Greek yogurt is such a simple and tasty breakfast for everyone. The probiotics contained in yogurt break down your blood sugar and lower the levels. This low calories meals also have lower carbs, so it suitable for diet too. Egg is such a versatile ingredient to make. The egg has lower calories but also a high protein that can lower your high blood sugar if you eat it regularly in a proper portion. This delicate dish can also be made in several ways such as boiled, fried, and scramble. Accompany egg with some nutrition of vegetables will become a great combo breakfast for diabetic patients. If you want to choose a breakfast menu with high carbs but still gonna lowering your blood sugar, oatmeal is the best option. It will be tastier if you add some delicate additional topping but healthy ones such as the berries, walnut, and so on. For the savory one, go with a tofu scramble with the toast. Fry the tofu in a pan, then add a little bit of salt and pepper. You can combine this dish with any sautéed vegetables such as mushrooms and spinach. The tofu has good fat and protein that can lower the glucose in your blood. These are some breakfast menu recommendations to reduce your blood sugar. Remember to always check your glucose level after eating these meals. Have a great breakfast!

What kind of food that diabetic patients should avoid?

Balancing your daily activity with your food choice matters. It’s a good manner if you want to choose the right path to a healthy life. Sometimes, life without risk is also boring, but when it comes to health conditions, it’s really important to stay with. People with diabetes, need to avoid some meals in order to maintain their blood sugar. It can be terrible if the glucose is increasing, so be careful with that condition. In order to remind you, here is some food to avoid for diabetic patients. White rice and pasta are the dishes that have high crabs and are believed constantly increase the sugar levels in your blood. Sweetened breakfast cereals are also the worst for you as a diabetic patient. This cereal has low protein and high carbs which is bad for your health. Snacks food such as pretzels and crackers are the food that you should definitely stay away from it. Less nutrition and fat-digesting carbs are the containing, which have no benefit for your health, especially the one who has diabetes. High carbs in french fries also increase your blood sugar. Besides, it also frying using unhealthy oil that can increase other diseases such as cancer and heart disease. These are the food that you should avoid the most as a diabetic patient. Besides the food, you also maintain what your drink because it is also a big matter. Avoid soda, coffee, and sweetened beverages that definitely will increase your glucose level. You can also make yourself a journal for reminders for your food recommendations by placing a diabetes chart food on your fridge.

Diabetes Diets Diabetic Food Chart
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How to construct a fruit chart?

Fruit also has an important role in reducing your blood sugar. You have to eat it as regular consumption too. Because there are so many kinds of fruit that has their own benefit, you can make a fruit chart that will guide you to eat the fruit without forgetting the contained nutrition. Here are how you can make a simple fruit chart. First of all, you have to prepare white solid paper and a template. Follow up with a list of the fruits that are friendly to your needs. You can also add each of the fruits' benefits to get to know more as well for giving useful tips and information for those who take a look at the fruit chart. This kind of chart will also be a good reminder, especially for those who have diabetes. Some friendly fruits you can add are berries, cherries, and oranges. Berries that have antioxidant and fiber helps you to maintain your blood sugar. There are many kinds of berries you can choose from, and all of it is proper to eat for diabetes. Cherry is also a great choice due to its contained that fights the inflammation. Fresh cherry is required because it does not contain added sugar. Orange will fulfill your vitamin C needed. The contained of its fruit helps you to normalize blood sugar. This juicy citrus is kinda refreshing to consume too. However, there is a specific amount and time for diabetics to have this fruit for their daily needs. You can add a column or notes below the chart as a reminder of a healthy amount intake.

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