Alphabet Sounds Chart Printable

Updated on May 03, 2021
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Alphabet Sounds Chart Printable
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Printable Alphabet Chart
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What are Letters?

Letters are messages conveyed in written form from one person or group to another. Letters are written on a medium to be read by others. Written letters have actually existed since 4000 BC in Egypt. The researchers also discovered that 5000 years ago there were hieroglyphics on the Nile. It was a letter written on a rock surface.

Not only that, the researchers also found letters that had existed since 2700 BC. At that time, the hieroglyphs used by the Egyptians were ancient letters with a total of 22 letters. The use of these letters was used by the Egyptians to tell others about the language they used.

Since then, other countries have started to create their own letters. An example is the Chinese that created the Chinese characters in the 14th century. India also created its own letters during the same era. This letter is called Sanskrit.

Meanwhile, the letters that we use today are referred to as the alphabet and have existed since 2500 years ago. These letters are the development of the Roman alphabet which eventually became the English alphabet. The English alphabet has also been adapted for other letters in various countries.

What is the Purpose of Creating Letters?

The main purpose of creating letters is to be a communication tool between humans. From ancient times until now, people use language to communicate. Well, that language can be created because of these letters. Oral and typed communication also requires letters. Therefore, letters play an important role in communication and the development of knowledge. Without letters, humans would not be able to communicate with each other and get various information.

Actually, this communication has been carried out by humans since the discovery of the first use of letters. At that time, humans still used bark and leaves to write letters. Then, communication media has progressed with the existence of technology.

Why Do Letters Have Different Sounds?

There are different letters and they all have different sounds. So, why do letters have different sounds? In fact, letters do not have a special sound because they are only symbols. However, the different letter sounds are caused by the different dialects spoken by each community group.

So, our mouths are uniquely designed by God. Everyone's mouth shape is different and it can create different sounds, including when pronouncing letters. Meanwhile, our ears also have a different way of hearing sound.

Actually, the difference in sound is also related to the origin of the letters. Because the letters of the alphabet are from Greco-Roman, they are pronounced similarly to those languages. An example is the letter B which comes from beta and D for delta in Greek.

How to Teach Letter Sounds to Children?

Because letter sound is very important in communication, you need to teach it to children in this way.

  • Introduce the various forms of letters to children first. Then, you have to ask them to learn and memorize the letter shapes.
  • If they have learned the letter shapes, teach them to pronounce the letter sound using objects around them. An example is T for tree and B for the bottle.
  • Teach them to practice pronouncing the letters regularly every day until they can pronounce the letters well

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What are the Letter Sound Activities for Kids?

Not only the tips above, but you also need to make some fun activities for children so they can easily understand the letter sounds. Here are some letter sound activities that can be done.

  • Teach children about letter sounds through alphabet cards. This is the easiest way to introduce children to letter sounds. You can make several cards with different letters written on them. Then, write how the letter is pronounced. An example is the letter B which is written “bee.”

  • You can also do a sound match game. Download a template containing various object images. Then, ask the children to place a magnetic letter on an object that starts with that letter. An example is the letter D placed on the image "dog."

  • There is also a fun game that can improve children's understanding of letter sounds. The game is called a phonetic slide and ladder. So, the children have to name the letter sounds of the objects on the slide and ladder. If they can answer it, they can finish the game.

  • You can also use letter-sound wheels. So, create a simple wheel for each letter. An example is the letter A. Then, draw several objects on the wheels that start with the letter A. Ask the children to guess each object's name.

  • Not only letter sound wheels, but you can also ask the children to make letter sound flowers. So, the children have to draw some flower petals. Each flower petal is given a picture of an object starting with a letter. An example is the letter D. So, they have to draw some objects on the petals that start with the letter D.

  • You can also test children's understanding of these letter sounds by doing memory games. So, give them a picture and ask them to guess what letter the object's name starts with.

  • Another way is to use trace and paste letters. So, children have to bold letters on a letter template. Then, they have to say the letter sound of that letter.

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