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Updated on Jan 05, 2023
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How often should you work out in a week?

A vital habit such as working out should be keeping up all the time. Doing routine exercise makes you healthier and reduces the risk of diseases. It is indeed necessary to practice but you do not always have to do it every day. Let's look out for the ideal time!

Some suggestions go with a weekly day of rest for the workout program. However, if you're just on fire and want to do it every day, it's fine. As long as you know when to stop and are not too obsessed, it allows for a workout every day. Don't be too strict with yourself about it. If you just feel uncomfortable in your body, it's a sign to get some rest.

Talking about the time, daily of moderate level exercise, you can go with 30 minutes each day with 150 minutes minimum in a week total. If you go intense with the workout, set 75 minutes as the minimum per week.

On the weight loss program, aim your goal for exercising in 45 minutes per day. Intense activities are also good to include. You can add running, climbing hills, and plyometric exercises to nail better. intense cardio should have a day off, so you're not doing heavy exercise every day.

How can exercise be beneficial for your life?

Exercise indeed has a significant role in your life. By maintaining it, you are one step ahead to having a longer life. It's not too late to start now rather than never. These are the types of exercises you might add to your chart:

  1. Endurance exercise

It helps you raise your heart rate and breathing while also your entire body. Endurance exercises you can try are swimming, jogging, and more.


  1. Strength

This type of exercise will improve your muscle mass. It should be the one you place on the weight loss program because strength exercises help you maintain it. For this field, try to do weightlifting, resistance band exercise, and more.


  1. Flexibility

If you feel discomfort in your body, this training helps you out, especially in improving your range of motion, postures, and mobility as well. Yoga and Pilates are good for flexibility exercise.


  1. Balance

Balance exercises would work on your stability improved and make your move easier. Try tai chi and standing yoga poses would help you in improving your balance.

Let's see how exercise can be beneficial for your mental health also!

  • Exercise will boost your mood. While setting your goals for getting the body shape, you might feel motivated. After getting the result you want, it turns you happiest and increases your mood right away.

  • During practice, you tend to focus on what you face at the time. With it, you can escape from the noise in your head. Feeling more relaxed during exercise help you have good sleep quality and increase your confidence at the same time.

  • Let your workout also be time to build your social life. If you join this kind of circle, then it's positive and you can go on! Having other people with you during the exercise also raises your motivation and increases the chance to keep it on track.

  • Believe it or not, a workout influences your cognitive function. It can clear up your mind and develop your mindfulness. Therefore, this condition makes you think creatively.

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How do you maintain a workout routine?

Creating a good habit is not something easy to handle. You have to decide and commit to it which might also stay still your entire life. Workout is a long-term investment, so maintaining it well would be good for you. There are some ways you can take to keep it on track.

Setting your long-term and short-term goal for the workout. For example, the long-term goal is because you want to enter the national weightlifting athlete, so you have to keep in shape. Meanwhile, the short-term goal can be losing some weight in a month. With those goals, you can focus on achievement and being committed.

Scheduling is necessary and tough. Doing your workout at the time you decide since the first day of it will make you stick to the routine. Even your body will behave that way. Write down the schedule along with the workout style you want to do each day.

Using a workout log will trace your journey. You will see how you stay on the schedule. Write down the result that will motivate you to go on.

Having the same workout style might make you bored. Try to explore some sports and stick with the ones you enjoy the most. If you doing yoga, you can use the poses chart while practicing some moves. It also helps you to have new poses and practice them right away.

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