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Apr 03, 2012
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Blank Scattergories Answer Sheets Printable
Blank Scattergories Answer Sheets Printabledownload

What is on Scattergories sheets?

Among many brain games played, Scattergories was also known to be the unique set of games. This game is meant to be best played in a group where each player will be given Scattergories sheets. On this sheet, each player is about to write down their version that goes within each category of cards. As the dice rolled, each player needed to write down at least 12 categories on the round. Simply put, you need to write down a 12 list with the first letter that comes out from the rolled dice on your Scattergories sheets.

How to use Scattergories sheets for study?

As much flexible just like bingo games, Scattergories board games can also be used for educational purposes. It will be a perfect learning medium for children to use this game for teaching vocabulary. You can make a version of Scattergories yourself according to your relevant study subject. Make a table of 4 columns with the categories on the first column such as cities, foods, jobs, and sort of many categories you are teaching with. Then the rest of the column has each one word written based on the rolled dice alphabet shown. Since the Scattergories sheet is pretty much like a list of words, it is more valued to be an educational tool for language learning purposes. It is likely to be similar to a word search game, the opposite is that the words are scattered in the mind and need to be written down spontaneously.

Printable Scattergories Categories List
Printable Scattergories Categories Listdownload
Printable Scattergories Sheets
Printable Scattergories Sheetsdownload
Printable Answer Sheets Scattergories Game
Printable Answer Sheets Scattergories Gamedownload
Printable Scattergories Lists 1
Printable Scattergories Lists 1download

What is the benefit of playing Scattergories games?

Any kind of game was actually made out of strategies and skills that can gain something more useful for the player themselves. As for playing chess, the player will be able to make strategies and know the value of each step they have made. Aside from that, board games like bingo that used to be a fun game turn out into various kinds of bingo to play. A similar thing goes for Scattergories games. Scattergories games have benefits for the players. They will be able to broaden their knowledge and also their vocabulary to express their thoughts into written forms on the Scattergories sheets. By mastering their vocabulary, they will be able to read and build a form of comprehending the context and subjects within texts. There are a lot of factors that can affect students' or children's interest in reading, thus making teachers need to be able to make lots of variations out of the games as well.

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