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Mar 05, 2009
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Printable Grade Book Template
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Do teachers need a grade sheet?

For children who are at the formal education or school level, having grade sheets is an absolute part. Providing grade sheets is the obligation of a teacher. The grade sheet will become a report to find out the development of children's learning to parents. Teachers will really need it and usually, every school has its own grade sheets which are sometimes different from other schools. Therefore finding different variants of grade sheets is not something to be bothered with.

Why so many kinds of grade sheets?

As discussed, different grade sheets are not unusual. This adjustment becomes the policy of the school where the teacher and child are located. Even though there are differences, the core and purpose of making grade sheets remain the same. Each grade sheet certainly has advantages and disadvantages. However, this deficiency does not really affect the children's achievement because in the process of filling in grade sheets carried out by the teachers it is based on daily observations of the child's development while studying at school. What is meant by different is the description column things on the grade sheets.

What a grade sheet contain?

A grade sheet definitely contains a grade according to the name of the form or the purpose for which the document was created. The grade sheets owned by teachers will be different from those owned by students. For teachers, grade sheets will contain a percentage of the development of each child in the classroom based on each subject taught in school. From this percentage, it will be easy later in the distribution of reports to parents to inform the child's position on the grade scale in the classroom. However, when it is given to parents, not all the grades of the children in the class will be sounded, but only the personal needs of one child to the parents.

Teacher Grade Book Sheets
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Teacher Grading Sheet
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Student Grade Sheet Template
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Printable Teacher Grade Book Sheets
Printable Teacher Grade Book Sheetsdownload
Printable Grade Book Paper
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Printable Teacher Grade Book Sheets
Printable Teacher Grade Book Sheetsdownload
Blank Grade Sheet Template
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Blank Student Grade Sheet
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How to make a simple grade sheet?

Since grade sheets consist of many columns, you can try them with the most common column creation software, Excel. With Excel, you only need to add the title in the top column as a description for the rows that go down. Excel provides some interesting templates to support forms that are useful for education such as grade sheets. If you have time, you can try entering formulas in columns and rows to make it easier to use them.

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