Bridal Scattergories Sheets Printable

Jul 21, 2013
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What is a Bridal Scattergories?

Scattergories is a game usually played in groups. The game is played using scattergories sheets containing numbered lists. There is also the category card to play the game. One player picks out a category card and sets a timer. All players then write down the words related to the categories into the list. Once the time's up, all players must stop writing. The player who writes the most right words wins. In bridal scattergories, the categories used are usually related to weddings or brides. But you can pick any category you want to make the game fun. The game is usually played during a bridal shower. 

How do you play Bridal Scattergories?

Each player takes a bridal scattergories sheet. One player picks up a category and the rest of the players must agree to the category used. One player will roll a letter dice or any other way to pick a random letter as the initial use. The player must write down a list of words that is in the category and started with the initial. Once the time is up, all players read their list. If one player finds another player writes a wrong answer, they can challenge the player and the rest of the player must vote whether the words belong to the right category or not. If the majority of the players find it doesn't fit the category, then the answer is determined as invalid. 

What are the categories in Bridal Scattergories? 

The scattergories offer more than 250 categories to play. You can choose the one that is suitable for a bridal shower such as clothing, celebrations, movies, food, flowers, and other categories that you see might be related to wedding and marriage. But you can also use any other categories that have nothing to do about the wedding. It is just a game. The goal is to make sure everybody has fun. 

Bridal Scattergories Printable Sheets
Bridal Scattergories Printable Sheetsdownload
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Printable Scattergories Sheets
Printable Scattergories Sheetsdownload
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Can you use phrases in Bridal Scattergories?

The main rule is to list down words, preferably nouns so the players have to think of objects related to the categories. Sometimes people allow adjectives but it will make the game a little less challenging. Using a phrase will make it easier for everyone to complete the list because instead of thinking about an object with the determined initials, they can easily dance around it by making a phrase that contains the object that doesn't start with the initial letter. So if you want to keep the game challenging, using a phrase is a big no.

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