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Updated on May 25, 2022
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What are the differences between connecting the dots for kids and adults?

Connect the dots commonly seen on kids’ material. It is used for making the kids more familiar with the object you’ve taught. When it comes to the worksheet, it’s the basic task they need to do to attach to the learning. The purpose of this worksheet is for writing exercises.

However, the connecting dots not only refer to the kids. Adults also have the chance to solve connect the dots. The difference between the kids and adult versions is quite contras. Let’s check this out for the details!

Start with the kids’ version, and connect the dots commonly used for introduction tests for the early learner. When you are about to introduce the kids to objects, numbers, and even the alphabet, this worksheet will be a great tool for the test. Through the test of tracing the object, kids will be more stick to each shape, and also train them in writing and drawing it.

Connecting the dots in another version of completing the picture also works for the kids to make them memorize the arrangement of numbers or letters. It’s all based on the thing you use for the worksheet.

For example, if you want to make the kids better in alphabet arrangements, go with connecting the dots that use the alphabet as the dots. This worksheet makes the kids have to connect the A-Z.

Meanwhile, for adults, it is supposed to be at a hard level. Adults connect the dots worksheet commonly use numbers in high amount which make this worksheet hard to do. The connecting dots worksheet for adults consists of 1-1000 numbers in common.

Looking at the numbers, the design will be complicated too. Therefore, adults can do the connecting worksheet with complex pictures such as maps and scenes.

Those are the difference between connecting the dots for kids and adults. Both clearly different, the kid’s version tends to be simple and the adult’s version is considered hard.

How do you use the alphabet in connecting dots worksheet?

When you are about to construct the worksheet for your students, of course, you need to look at the skills they should master. Learning the alphabet is a basic skill that kids should master.

Therefore, the learning needs to be executed well. You might construct the learning with a fun ambiance and engaging. That’s great, but you also have to prepare the appropriate test tool.

Alphabet connect the dots will be great as the test tool. Let’s dive right in!

Use the alphabet to have the role in your connecting worksheet. Make the kids memorize the alphabet arrangement with it. This kind of worksheet makes the kids have to connect the dots to complete a half picture. Therefore, all you need to do first is choose the picture.

You can involve the things that kids might be familiar with such as Disney characters. Besides, make it in line with upcoming events such as Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many more. It is such a good idea to introduce kids to the event items.

After having the template, time to instruct the kids to do the worksheet. Give clearly instructions that they have to complete the picture by connecting each alphabet. Kids have to connect the dots by connecting the A-Z. Involve the coloring activity in this worksheet will be great too. You can arrange for the kids to color the object after they have done connecting.

That’s how you can make the alphabet has the main role in connecting the dots worksheet. Apply in your class by choosing the picture that probably kids love and let them have fun with it!

Hard Connect the Dots Printable Pages
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Hard Connect the Dots Printable Pages
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Connect the Dots Worksheets Hard
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What items I can use for connecting dots worksheet with a Halloween theme?

Connecting dots worksheet is quite common for kids. This worksheet can boost their ability in writing and even drawing. It also can make them memorize numbers and the alphabet well. All are based on the style you choose. The application of this worksheet can use a lot of themes.

If you plan to have a connecting worksheet with the upcoming event of Halloween as the theme, then you have to involve things that are commonly seen in this celebration. Here are the things you can involve in Halloween connecting dots worksheet.

A witchy theme will be such a great option for your Halloween connecting dots worksheet. You can involve things that are linked to the witch such as a broom, cone hat, cauldron, witchy fingers, and so on. Ghosts also linked well to the celebration.

There are a lot of ghost characters you can have for the worksheet. It can be Casper, Pennywise, Headless Man, Chucky, Annabel, and many more. Besides the witch and ghost, you can also go with the animals linked to Halloween such as bats, owls, cats, and spiders. The zombie theme is a great theme too.

Those are the things with a Halloween theme you can involve in connecting dots worksheet. Choose the one theme you think will be more spooktacular and let them have fun with it!

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