Printable Family Puppets

Sep 21, 2011
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Printable Family Puppets

Printable Family Puppets

Family Finger Puppets Printable
Family Finger Puppets Printabledownload

What are family puppets?

Family puppets are usually handmade puppets that are used for learning about family members to children. Not only for educational purposes in knowing family members, it can also be used to teach role play and stories for morals and any other occasion. As we all can remember, puppets are common among young children because they are an interactive media to create a communication between the puppeteer and them. This is an effective vehicle to get children's attention and focus on what is being taught or told. There are also many children TV shows that use puppets as a part of their attraction. 

How to customize family puppets?

Making a customized family puppets is easy as you need to choose whether you want to use paper based or finger puppets. If you happen to want to have craft time with your kids, using papers and using ice cream sticks would be a better idea. You can either have a cutout shape of family members by an illustration of family members. Attaching photos on the paper also can be a great idea to make it. Some family puppets' fingers are also common to be found. These puppets' fingers are usually made out of fabric cotton. Create as much as you want to get your children to memorize your family members, yet it is better to get closer to family members such as grandpa, grandma, brother, sister, mother and father. And even pets!

Family Popsicle Stick Puppet Crafts
Family Popsicle Stick Puppet Craftsdownload
Family Finger Puppet Patterns
Family Finger Puppet Patternsdownload
Family Finger Puppets Printable
Family Finger Puppets Printabledownload
Printable Finger Puppet Patterns
Printable Finger Puppet Patternsdownload
Family Finger Puppets Printables Paper
Family Finger Puppets Printables Paperdownload
Family Finger Puppets Printable
Family Finger Puppets Printabledownload
Jack and the Beanstalk Finger Puppets
Jack and the Beanstalk Finger Puppetsdownload

Why do family puppets become popular among children?

The use of family puppets were popular among children because it brought them a sense of boundaries. Those means as they all know and understand about their family members, they have noticed that family members are the closest one for them among friends. Using it can also teach them about how they should behave for older people like their mother and father, siblings and grandpa, grandma. The kind of puppets made can also improve their emotional development.  Not only to family members but moreover to people around them like their friends or teachers at school. Children can also do a role play by using these puppets. Parents or teachers can guide them on how they can do role play and tell stories by using puppets. This also helps them to evaluate their speaking skills and motor skills as well. Let them present their imaginative conversation and get along with their stories so they will boost their confidence from your appreciation.

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