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Jan 01, 2015
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What age should kids start tracing letters?

One of the methods to learn about the alphabet with kids is tracing kids. To prove this, we can find tons of tracing in Pinterest. This device is commonly used in many countries. When it comes to picking the right method, one of the considerations is matching the age of the kids to the method. The suitable age to start tracing is at the age of 3 to 4 years. Before they can trace the letters, they trace around the edge of a simple shape. They also frequently do tracing on top of a thick horizontal line neatly. After those two can be done without any hassle, they are able to trace or imitate some letters that have a simple stroke, including horizontal or vertical strokes, like I, F, H, L, or T. Usually, imitating or tracing the simple shapes of letters is done before they turn 4.

Does tracing help handwriting?

Yes, this can be considered as a good method to teach handwriting. It's because they don't only memorize the shapes of the letters, but they're also engaged directly in the process of how a letter can be made using lines and strokes. To utilize the benefits of tracing for kids, we can also involve textures in their worksheet. It’s also recommended for us to let them trace on a textured surface, like salt or sands. When involving textures, we actually add some more dimensions, which are solidity. This way makes them remember the lessons more. It’s because they are not only seeing and imitating, but also sensing. This method is also defined as a multisensory technique.

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Is Tracing good for kids?

Yes, it is. There are so many advantages that kids will get when they start to trace. When we start to look for tracing in Pinterest, here are the benefits that we will get of tracing:
1.    Introduces the way to learn
Tracing is one of the easiest shortcuts to help us convert 3D objects into 2D. For example, when we want kids to draw a flower, they immediately draw a circle in the center. This is because they are usually exposed with the actual form of those particular shapes of flowers.
2.    Doesn't need any expert guidance
When kids want to draw, sometimes we are confused where to start. It's because we ourselves are not experts. Tracing comes as the answer to our confusion. We can simply ask them to imitate as similar as they can.
3.    Simplifies the complex artwork
The one main point that we are required to do when it comes to choosing this method is simply copy the object that we want to draw. Yep, as simple as that. Just imitate it. Whatever kind of step you start, the point is the result that we will get is similar to the object we want to trace.

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