Season And Weather Printables

May 02, 2012
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Season And Weather Printables

Season And Weather Printables

Printable Seasons Chart
Printable Seasons Chartdownload

What are the four seasons of weather?

The four seasons of the weather consist of spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each of them appear sequentially and repeated annually. Each season has the difference of light, temperature, and weather. When it comes to the Northern Hemisphere, winter comes in December, the exact date usually comes in 21 or 22. This can be called a winter solstice. It is because this day has the shortest daylight within a year. Opposite to the winter, summer has the longest daylight throughout a year. The date of summer approximately appears on June 20 or 21. Spring comes when the date shows on March, 20 or 21 and the fall season begins on September, 22 or 23.
However, in the Southern Hemisphere like Argentina and Australia, it is the opposite of the Northern Area. The winter comes on June, 20 or 21. While the summer begins on December, 21 or 22.

How does the weather change from season to season?

It is because the shape of the Earth's orbit is not a perfect circle. In a year, there is a moment where a certain part of the Earth's side is closer to the sun than the other times. However, in the Northern Hemisphere, we experience winter when the Earth becomes the closest to the sun. In summer, the North Hemisphere experiences the Earth reaching the farthest distance to the sun. Earth has seasons due to the axis that is not fully straight. So, the earth is tilted on the axist to the orbital plane, where there is a flat disc that becomes a place for objects in the solar system to orbit the sun.

Are seasons Part of weather or climate?

Here is the explanation. Weather is the situation in the atmosphere at a certain place and time, including temperatures, dryness, wind, rain. Weather only describes the state of the atmosphere. This can be different each day, even each minute. The changes of weather is because of the storms and winds. However, the seasonal changes are because of the rotation of the earth that is orbiting the sun. The seasons can also be defined as a cycle of identical weather changes.

Weather and Seasons Worksheets Preschool
Weather and Seasons Worksheets Preschooldownload

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Seasons and Weather Printables
Seasons and Weather Printablesdownload
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Printables Seasons Worksheets For Kindergarten Pdfdownload

How do the seasons affect us?

There is a research that there is a suicide case that occur each summer. This can be defined as a seasonal suicide. However, there is also a birth rate that is increasing in spring and summers. This can happen when someone has a mental problem called Seasonal Affective Disorder or (SAD). Usually, this attacks the people with a history of being a depressive survivor in the past, This disorder usually comes in the late fall or early winter. However, this heals when the season is spring or summer. SAD happens because the melatonin inside their body is produced longer in the winter night.

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