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Updated on Feb 03, 2021
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Family Finger Puppets Template
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How do you make a family finger puppet?

Children love family finger puppets. With the figure of the family, and insight as to the closest person to them. The children see their father, mother, themselves in a mini form. It doesn't take much effort to make a family finger puppet. You can use the ingredients around you. You can use old unused gloves, papers, and other Do It Yourself methods. Do not forget to provide scissors and glue, as well as other materials to support the making of family finger puppets at home. Finding the steps to make it also can be found easily on the internet. There are several online sites selling family finger puppets in different price variations. By buying it, you only need to wait for the item to arrive at your door and immediately play it.

Why are puppets used?

Using “family thing” as an ideal way to teach children is the goal from family finger puppets made. Children like to play. Family finger puppets integrate family roles in children's toys. With a family finger puppet, children are more receptive to the message to be conveyed through the puppet's words. The message conveyed can use dialogue in a small drama compilation of the character in the talking family finger puppets.

How do you make finger puppets with your hands?

Creative finger puppets combine the brain and are completely artificial. There is the phrase "finger" in the finger puppet which means most of the parts are done by the finger, part of the hands. With creativity, you can package it into various forms. Finger puppets can also be made in the simplest way. Using the shadow on the wall. You don't need a lot of ingredients to use. Only by using hands and supporting lighting. If you do it indoors, you only need to play your fingers to form the character you want to play and then look on the wall if it is suitable for that character.

Family Finger Puppet
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How do you make puppets that look like a person?

To make the puppets more realistic, you need to make your dolls like a person who had a life. Put the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth in an ideal place like a person. Give clothes that match the characters in puppets you make. Finally, make a different voice for each character. It can be entertaining for children to watch. Practice before you play in front of the children. You know, they are full of interactions. You don't want to ruin their excitement with a half-doll, do you?

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