Dot Rainbow Printable

Sep 15, 2013
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Dot Rainbow Printable

Dot Rainbow Printable

Rainbow Dot Marker Printables
Rainbow Dot Marker Printablesdownload

What is a do a dot?

When it comes to coloring dot rainbow worksheet, we are required to understand that we need a specific tool. Although we can use a simple marker, however, it takes time too long. Well, it is because the tip of the usual marker is too small to fill the circles, that are seen as dots, on the dot rainbow sheet.

So, we need a special marker. Well, we can call this marker a do a dot or do-a-dot. So, jump to the do a dot, it is actually a pack of markers that consist of 6 colors of the rainbow of the markers. We can find that the tip of these markers is way bigger than the usual markers. So, we can fill the circle as a dot in the dot rainbow worksheet better and faster. Well, the value plus of do a dot marker that we can use to color our dot rainbow worksheet is the ink inside the do dot markers are washable!

They usually come with bold and bright pigments. Since this is washable, so the result of the ink when it's applied is translucent. So, the ink on the paper can dry quickly.

Well, because of the translucent effect of the ink of the do a dot marker, it is more suitable to do certain techniques of coloring, including blending, mixing colors, layering, and covering the wide space.


Do a dot markers shimmer?

Well, sometimes, when it comes to coloring our dot rainbow worksheet using do a dot marker, we need to give the drawing a little more touch, including glitters. So, to make our glittery dot rainbow worksheet come true, the things that we are required to do is finding the do a dot marker, but the ink is needed to be shimmer.

Well, can we really find it at the nearest Walmart or Amazon? The answer is, yes, we can! The do dot markers provide the shimmer version too! It comes with five shimmer colors, including purple, blue, pink, yellow, and silver.

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What is Dot art called?

Well, do you realize, when it comes to coloring our dot rainbow, we actually use a certain style of drawing that many popular artists use this in their artwork? Yes, we actually adopt the same style as the experts!

However, before we are happy in the beginning, we need to understand more about the style.
Well, because of this do rainbow coloring needs to be dotted, the most suitable style that can define the technique is pointillism art. Pointillism, or divisionism or chromo-luminarism, can be defined as the application of dots to color a surface or the shape of our drawing.

Yes, we may see the blank excess of the surface since we don't fully "block" the surface. However, when we give some more space between the artwork and our eye, the eye will see the illusion that all of the dots we create to color will be blended together.

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