Printable Easter Bunny Pattern

Apr 01, 2022
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Easter Bunny Pattern Printable
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Why do we bury eggs during Easter?

The whole family will enjoy participating in Easter egg hunts, which are a traditional Easter custom. It's customary for the Easter Bunny to bury eggs, and you may do the same anywhere you like while having fun searching for them. But whence did this custom originate?

The beginning of spring and fresh life are traditionally represented by eggs. As a representation of Jesus' empty tomb following his resurrection, they are also a significant Christian symbol during Easter.

During the 16th century, Germany was where the custom first emerged. In the past, during the four weeks leading up to Easter known as Lent, Christians were forbidden from eating eggs.

Men will indeed conceal eggs for women and children to discover as a way of celebrating the banquets that would take place to honor Jesus' resurrection at the conclusion of Lent.

People used to say that the Easter Hare, now known as the Easter Bunny, will indeed deliver a sack full of eggs and conceal them for nice children to discover. Queen Victoria, who held these for her family near Buckingham Palace, helped increase its popularity in England.

How can Easter bunny pattern tracing activity be used in a classroom?

As you may know, kids' motor coordination skills can be improved greatly, especially by completing Easter Bunny Pattern Tracing Activity. It includes a wonderful original piece of a bunny that kids can color in with patterns.

They will be motivated to use a precise pen or pencil handling to accomplish all of the written patterns by the variously structured lines in the image. For the patterns to be drawn perfectly, they will need to make a variety of hand motions.

If you want to try this activity, you will require the following materials to complete this task:

  • A printer
  • Colored pencils, or pens, and
  • A steady hand


The Easter-themed artwork is a highly entertaining technique to inspire kids to pay attention to the task at hand. Children who are just beginning to comprehend how to write extra precisely with their hands will find it particularly helpful. They can pick up the skills necessary to make circles, zigzags, wavy lines, and straight lines.

In order to help children practice the differences between working with a pen, a crayon, and a pencil, consider having them engage on the sheet while using various writing implements.

In addition, you can print and download this kind of activity to use with kids in school, at home, or wherever else your kid learns. Recognizing the various kinds of patterns lines and shapes will improve their creativity as well as their surroundings.

Easter Bunny Outline Template
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What implications does this Easter repeating patterns activity have for kids?

Children may practice repeating patterns in a delightful way with this Easter exercise whether in the classroom or even in their homes. 

The first thing to do is to encourage kids to discuss each Easter pattern with you. You can recommend children recognize the photo pattern and instead follow it by cutting out the appropriate images and pasting them into the blank rooms at the conclusion of each pattern.

Easter-themed images, including eggs, chicks, lambs, flowers, as well as the Easter Bunny, are used in this lesson to teach AB patterns.

This Easter project might be incorporated into ongoing instruction for kids to finish on their own or it might be done in a small group work guided by an instructor.

Why is it crucial for kids to understand patterns even for toddlers?

With children, pattern activities can be simply incorporated into the day in spontaneous ways. Children enjoy spotting patterns in their surroundings.

Children can better comprehend change and the passage of time with the guidance of patterns. Lines on a cardigan are an example of a pattern—things that are logically repeated. They might be digits, pictures, or even designs.

Children who see patterns start to comprehend what will happen next, which facilitates prediction-making. Additionally, they assist in the growth of children's ability to think rationally and establish relationships between logical ideas. It is important to teach young children that patterns may be discovered everywhere in everyday life.

In math and all other subject areas, do not fail to appreciate what a kid is able to comprehend. Children as young as two can mimic movements like hopping to the right, then left, then right, and so on. They are able to spot recurring patterns like bricks that are sticking up, sitting or lying down, standing up, etc.

They develop the ability to imitate straightforward repeating patterns like yellow, blue, green, red, and others. The ability to create simple patterns by themselves will probably come to them. Therefore you need to give practical learning too while playing with them.

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