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Mar 27, 2023
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Shyness is a characteristic of a person who is characterized by feelings of nervousness, awkwardness, and worry when social interactions with other people, especially with people just met. Reporting to the American Psychology Association page, there are two types of shyness. The first is people who feel embarrassed when they are in certain situations. The other one is a person who has been shy since childhood.

Actually, it is a human natural trait. So, everyone must have felt shame. However, people who have this character, often feel embarrassed in various situations. People with this trait are also more often worried about how other people think of them. That's what makes shy people tend to avoid social interactions.

Several conditions can make them feel some physical symptoms. Some of them are abdominal pain, palpitations, and sweating during interactions with a new social environment.

What Causes Someone to be Shy?

Actually, there is debate among experts regarding the causes of shyness. However, a professor of genetics at King's College London explains that shyness is part of a person's temperament. Temperament is a part of personality.

Shyness is influenced by genetics and a person's response to the environment. Actually, shame is something that is commonly felt. However, it will cause social anxiety.

This shyness has been owned by someone since childhood. There are as many as 15% of babies born with shy traits. The cause could be a biological condition. There is research that proves that babies who are sensitive to all changes will get angry easily. However, there are also babies who do not react to all the changes around them. So, babies who are too sensitive have the potential to be shy.

Meanwhile, there are also environmental factors that cause children to be shy. One of them is parenting style. Authoritarian and protective parents will cause their children to be shy.

How to Make Children Want to Do Public Speaking?

Shy children are often unwilling to engage in activities that require them to appear in public. So, parents must do something to make their children want to appear in front of many people. One of them is by doing Easter Speeches. Here are tips for making Easter speeches: how to encourage kids to find their voice through public speaking.

  • First, teach children to listen to the speech. You can ask children to listen to speeches in church during services on Easter Sunday.

  • You can also invite children to attend public speaking events. From there, they can learn how to communicate with many people. So, you can take them to Easter events.

  • You can also invite children who are the same age as your child. Then, do a game that makes them want to communicate with each other.

  • Before asking children to speak in public, help them to make some words. You should also train them to read. By reading, children will find ideas for writing. Well, that could be the best way to make them want to do public speaking by reading the results of their writing.

Children Easter Speeches for Church
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What are The Benefits of Practicing Public Speaking for Children?

Public speaking is one of the abilities that adults must have. However, children must also have public speaking skills. Especially in the golden age, teaching public speaking to children is something important. Here are some of the benefits that children will get when they routinely do public speaking.

  1. Children Can Convey Their Opinions

    Smart children will not be known if the child does not have good communication skills. The reason is, all the ideas that are in their brains will only be stored and not conveyed to many people. Therefore, children must be taught about public speaking so they can convey their ideas confidently.

  2. They Can Make The Good Words

    Making good words is an important part of communication. If children can't make words well, other people won't understand what they are saying. By practicing public speaking, children will be able to make effective and efficient sentences that can be understood by many people. Well, it can make other people able to receive the information they give.

  3. They Become Confident

    Parents don't want their children to be insecure. Therefore, parents must teach their children about public speaking. Parents need to find the right place to train their children's self-confidence.

    One of them is by enrolling children in public speaking schools. At the school, children will be taught how to speak well in public. Children will also be trained to arrange words correctly so their ideas and opinions can be conveyed properly to many people.

    Not only that, you can also teach public speaking at home. Teach children to do storytelling in front of all family members.

  4. Future Investment

    Public speaking is a future investment for children. With good public speaking skills, children will be able to make presentations in class. They are also trained to speak in front of many people, so they have good skills in organizing and being leaders.

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