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Updated on Apr 05, 2022
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Christian Easter Craft
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What are some Easter symbols?

Easter belongs to the Christian religious celebration that holds to commemorates Jesus’ resurrection. Therefore, Easter has some symbols that are linked to celebration. Here are the Easter symbols along with the meaning that you might need to know.

The dogwood tree becomes one of the iconic Easter symbols due to the materials of the cross for Jesus’ crucifixion. White lilies are also the Easter symbol which shows on Jesus' resurrection day. Lilies were believed to show up when Jesus’ perspiration hit the ground.

Palm branches become the Easter symbols due to the story of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem by donkey and tossing the small palm branches. The cross belongs to the symbols that are powerful and important.

The plain wooden cross depicts Jesus crucified and the place where he died. An empty tomb is also an Easter symbol that showing up the phenomena of resurrection.

Other Easter symbols you can find during the celebration are hot cross buns, the paschal candle, baby chicks, butterflies, lamb, Easter baskets, and Easter eggs.

How do you create a religious Easter wreath?

The upcoming Easter might make you come out with the decoration to make your house turn into Easter vibes. One of the decoration items you can consider is an Easter wreath. Adding a religious theme to your design is also great. Just check out below to DYI Easter religious wreath!

Gather all the materials first. It consists of a wreath frame, a wooden cross, artificial lilies, hot glue, a "He is Risen" tag, and a ribbon. For the wreath frame, you can go with wooden material.

Cover all the wreath frame surfaces with artificial lilies. Place the wooden cross on the center part. Continue with adding the "He is Risen" tags on the center of the cross. Lastly, you can embellish your religious wreath with the ribbon.

Go with the religious Easter wreath by using the cross sign itself as the frame. Use a large wooden cross and add the white artificial lilies as the center items. You can also add other Easter symbols such as the bunny and Easter eggs as the embellishment.

Those are the design of Easter religious symbols you can construct. Choose the one that is in line with your style and have fun decorating!

Cross of Jesus Life Craft Preschool
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Christian Easter Crafts for Children
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Printable Easter Story Wreath
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What activities to include in the religious Easter worksheet?

Talk about the Easter celebration, you might come up with activities that make your students also celebrate Easter in the class. The worksheet would work for this. Testing the kid’s knowledge with Easter religious worksheet could be great.

If you think this is a good idea, then just go straight on to get inspired!

Creating the matching worksheet is such a good idea. Due to the religious theme, you can go with the one that makes the kids match the Easter religious picture with the vocabulary.

The Easter religious word search will be great too. In this worksheet, kids only have to work with the words. You will provide the scramble letters that contain the religious words and make them find the ones.

Color by number can be involved with the religious item too. provide Easter religious pictures such as the lamb and the empty tomb.

Construct the design of color by the number that each tile already has the numbers. all the kids need to do is match the numbers and the color code.

Select the ones you think suit well for the kids and let them engage with them!

How can you DIY an Easter mason jar?

If you think of a thing to DIY during Easter with your kids, a mason jar can be a good idea. You can select the template that belongs to Easter symbols and paint it on the jar. Let’s dive right in!

All you need to prepare for making the Easter mason jar are a clear jar, Easter stencils, paint, a brush, and ribbon. First, stick the Easter stencil into the jar. Continue with tracing it, so the picture will greatly look on the jar. Let all the painting dry, then embellish your mason jar with the ribbon.

Besides the jar looks, you also need to figure out the contents to put on your jar. Make it in line based on the purpose. If you want to use this as the treat package, then you can fill it with M&M’s candies.

The treat jar for your food station display also works with it. Have a cake dessert and insert it into the jar. Add the Easter bunny candies toppers to make it stunning.

Those are how you can DIY the Easter mason jar along with the use. Make sure you paint the jar with the Easter symbols as you wish considering the purpose first.

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