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Mar 17, 2023
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Printable M M Easter Poem
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Message in History

Throughout history, messaging and communication have been essential to human society, allowing people to share ideas, coordinate actions, and connect with each other. As technology advances, messaging, and communication may continue to play an important role in human society.

The history of messaging and communication is long and complex, dating back to ancient times. Some of the key milestones in the evolution of messaging and communication are listed below.

  1. Cave paintings (30,000 BC): The earliest forms of communication included cave paintings used to convey ideas and tell stories.

  2. Papyrus (3000 BC): The ancient Egyptians used papyrus to create written records and documents. Papyrus was also used to create the first books.

  3. Alphabet (2000 BC): The Phoenicians developed the first alphabet, which became the basis for many modern writing systems.

  4. Postal system (550 BC): The Persian Empire established a postal system that allowed messages to be sent over long distances quickly and efficiently.

  5. Paper (105 AD): The Chinese invention of paper revolutionized the way information was recorded and transmitted.

  6. Press (1440 AD): The printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg and made possible the mass production of books and other printed matter.

  7. Telegraph (1837 AD): The invention of the telegraph made it possible to send messages over long distances almost instantly.

  8. Telephone number (1876): The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell to allow people to communicate in real time over long distances.

  9. Radio (1895): The invention of the radio made it possible to transmit broadcast communications over long distances, greatly expanding the reach of information and entertainment.

  10. Internet (1969): The development of the Internet has enabled the creation of a global computer network, revolutionizing the way we communicate and share information. 


Pigeon courier

The exercise of the usage of pigeons to carry messages dates again to historical times. Pigeons have been exceedingly prized for their cap potential to go back to their nests, making them perfect for handing over messages over lengthy distances. 

More recently, during the First and Second World Wars, pigeons were widely used to carry messages between armies and were trained to fly long distances. Today, the use of doves to convey messages is largely ceremonial. Doves are sometimes released at weddings and other special occasions as a symbol of love, peace, or freedom.

Artwork as a Message Media

A work of art can convey a message in many ways. Some artists use figurative imagery to convey a particular message or story. Others use abstract shapes and forms to evoke emotions or to provoke thought. Some engage viewers in a dialogue about issues. 

Artwork can also be used to promote positive messages and values. For example, murals and public art installations can help beautify public spaces and promote community pride. Art therapy is another example of how patients use art as a means to express and process their emotions, using artwork to promote healing and well-being. 

Printable M M Easter Poem
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Poetry to Share A Heartfelt Message

Poetry is a form of literary expression that uses language in creative and artistic ways to convey ideas, feelings, and experiences. It usually uses images, metaphors, rhythms, and sounds to enhance its sense of meaning and beauty. 

It can involve different types of writing and styles, from sonnets and haiku to loose poetry and experimental writing. Some poets choose to write in a conventional form that follows certain guidelines and structures, while others choose to write in a particularly unconventional way that breaks the conventional form. 

One of the key features of poetry is the use of figurative language. This is a language that goes beyond the literal meaning to create deeper meanings and emotions. This can take the form of metaphors, similes, personifications, and other forms of imagery that help create vivid and memorable images in the reader's mind. 

Another important feature of poetry is the use of sound and rhythm. The poet often uses repetition, alliteration, and other sound devices of his to give a work a musical quality. The rhythm of a poem helps create a sense of flow and pacing, and also helps emphasize certain words and ideas. 

Expressing Emotions in Art

Art is a creative form of expression that includes various media such as painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography. At its core, art is a means of communicating ideas, feelings, and experiences through visual and sensory elements. 

Painting is a specific type of art that uses different materials such as paints, pigments, and brushes to create images, usually on a surface such as a canvas. Paintings can be very realistic or abstract, depending on the artist's style and taste. You can paint a wide range of subjects, from landscapes and still lifes to portraits and abstract designs. 

One of the key elements of painting is the use of color, texture, and form. Painters use these elements to add depth, perspective, and mood to their work. You can use color to create contrast and harmony, and texture to create depth and dimension. You can use shapes to create a sense of movement and stillness in your paintings. 

Painting can be used to convey a wide range of messages and ideas, from social and political commentary to personal expression and exploration. They are both highly personal and more universal, evoking a range of emotions and reactions in the viewer.

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