Printable Cholesterol Food Chart

Updated on Jan 26, 2022
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Printable Cholesterol Food Chart
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Low Cholesterol Food Chart
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What foods can lower your cholesterol?

Cholesterol stacking caused so many life-threatening diseases. It’s carried from daily consumption balanced with unhealthy habits. Therefore, maintaining what you eat every day is a must. Even if you are now cholesterol stable, strict with the food you consume is better to prevent. Then, you might figure out the foods that can lower your fat. A source mentioned these foods are indeed work as a fat stabilizer:

  1. Aside from being healthy, this ingredient is quite simple for breakfast. It’s packed with fiber to fill up your daily nutrition. Add some bananas and strawberries are perfect.

  2. This fiber source is good for dietary. Beans make you full for a longer time after consuming them. It also has versatile ingredients you can cook in many ways or even just make as toppers.

  3. Eggplants should be on your food chart menu. This veggie is rich in fiber and also contains lower calories.

  4. It’s quite powerful in lowering your blood fat. Moreover, you have so many options to choose food with soybeans-based ingredients. It can be tofu, milk, tempeh, and more.

  5. Fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon, and trout. Those fish would be good to replace meat for protein intake. Besides, they are also rich in Omega-3 which is good for kids’ development.

It is important for you to take balance on your food intake. This could be a good thing for your health investment in the future. Take some vitamins, take a walk for scenery to keep a healthy mind.

How can you decrease your cholesterol level quickly?

Transforming your lifestyle to be healthy is not an easy job. However, spending your life at the hospital is also the worst option. In order to maintain your condition, daily cholesterol intake is also something you should pay attention to. Hight cholesterol indeed brings risks to your health. These are some tips that lead to having healthy lifestyles:

Healthy foods for diet. Choose what you consume wisely. Replace your food with healthy fats, fiber-rich, protein-rich, and more. Have a food chart and insert some healthy ingredients along with the nutrition contains on them.

Balance with routine exercise. More physical activities can decrease your cholesterol. Do at least 30 minutes workouts 5 times a week and feel the impact on your body. Keep motivated to do the exercise. You can take group sports or even consider activities connect to your productivity such as cycling to the office, using stairs rather than lifts, and more.

Don’t smoke. Step by step you prevent yourself from heart disease. For 20 minutes, your blood pressure and heartbeat start to recover. After three months of no smoke, your lungs and blood circulation are getting better. A year of quitting reduces the half risk of heart disease.

Quit drinking. Drinking increases high levels of cholesterol. Therefore, be wise in drinking and take only at moderation levels.

Aside from those tips, please seek the doctor's help and do a consultation. A better help from professional is the main rule to follow that would suit your condition. This will bring a better result and healthier way for you to get the perfect goals too.

Good and Bad Cholesterol Food Chart
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How do you maintain healthy blood vessels?

The heart is the most crucial part of your body. Its health means every part of your body. Blood vessels play as the connector. Aside from the blood, it also delivers oxygen, so your entire body can keep alive. However, the issues can lead to poor conditions such as heart disease and even blocked arteries. Then, maintaining the blood vessels must include in your priority. These tips might lead you to have healthy circulation.

Choose your food wisely. Your body needs appropriate nutrition to perform at maximum capacity. Therefore, fruits and veggies that are packed with fiber and vitamins should be your priority. Cooking with plant-based oil is also a part of taking care of your body. Reduce your sugar intake and eat healthy fat.  

Get away from your stresses. Stress triggered chronic disease in your body. It affects your cardiovascular system. Therefore, learn how to manage the stress that works for you. Meditation, yoga, taking a deep breath, and journaling might help you out.

Do some exercise. Getting sweat while moving your body on exercise indeed increase your heart rate. Spare at leads 30 minutes a day to break a sweat and feel the good impacts on your mind, body, and heart.

Supply your blood vessel with the right nutrients. Blood vessels need colored plant-based to fulfill the nutrients. Things like turmeric have anti-inflammatory contains which help to keep the blood vessel elastic. Fruits and veggies with strong colors also have nutrients to protect your heart.

You can also do watching or reading something funny to keep your body relax in a simple way to do.

Foods to decrease cholesterol

Lifestyles that lower cholesterol quickly

Steps to have healthy blood vessels

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