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Updated on Feb 02, 2022
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Excel Organizational Chart Templates
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How do I create an organizational chart template?

Even though we can download organizational chart templates printable, we can actually create an organizational chart template by ourselves through the application. One of the applications that allow us to create organizational chart templates is Microsoft PowerPoint. This app has a feature named SmartArt. It allows us to illustrate the reporting relationship in the company or organization.

Here are the following steps to create an organizational chart:
1.    Go to the Insert tab, and click the SmartArt small logo in the Illustration group.
2.    The appearing option is Choose a SmartArt Graphic gallery. Click the Hierarchy option. There will be some options as a layout template that we will customize next.
3.    Insert your text inside the box of the chart. There are two options to write inside the chart: click the box of the SmartArt graphic, then customize the text there. We can also click [Text] in the Text pane on the left side, then we can type the text.

What are the 4 types of organizational structure?

Even though most of the layout of the organizational chart templates comes in a form of a hierarchy. However, the elements can affect the layout of the organizational chart template. Here are four basic elements of organizational structure:
1.    Functional organizational structure
People who are represented in this organizational structure people accomplish similar jobs. They are divided based on the specialty. This kind of element is helpful to make the worker communicate faster.
2.    Divisional Structure based on Products
In the divisional structure, the workers are assembled into some teams according to the project or the product that can fulfill the customers' needs. For instance, a bakery with kinds of divisions, such as a wholesale-retail department, catering department, and many more. This element makes the output more efficient and they and the amount of the product can increase. Plus, the worker can produce a similar output consistently.
3.    Matrix Structure
This kind of structure is a hybrid of the Functional Models and Divisional Models. This allows the company or organization to assemble people based on the functional departments of specialization and divide them into divisional projects and products. This type requires the members of the company or organization to plan and put effort into more complex.

So, this can help increase productivity, encourage greater innovation and creativity, and leads the managers to make decisions through group interaction. Usually, big companies or multinational companies adopt this structure.
4.    Flat organizational structure
This structure is actually a manifestation of the disruption of the top-down system. The management is no longer centralized, or we can call it decentralized, so we can't really find the actual daily boss. Everyone can be a boss here. This structure can make the bureaucracy slowly vague.

Organizational Chart Template Printable
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What is the best program to make an organizational chart?

Creating an organizational chart template manually is full of hassle. It takes time and hard to undo the steps. So, there are selected softwares that will help us to create the organizational chart template digitally. We can also find the customize organizational chart template. The appearance of the template is also professional. So, we don't need to start from the beginning. We only focus on the content of the chart.

Here are the selected apps that assist us to create organizational chart templates:
1.    Canva.
2.    SmartDraw.
3.    Lucidchart.
4.    Gliffy.
5.    MyDream.

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