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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Gifts are the best way for parents to teach generosity and compassion to their children. Because giving gifts is such a fun way to share, kids will be able to do it again and again.

Printable For Classroom Birthday Charts
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Preschool Birthday Chart Printable
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What are the Importance of Birthday Presents for Kids?

Gifts are the best way for parents to teach generosity and compassion to their children. Because giving gifts is such a fun way to share, kids will be able to do it again and again. That's because something that makes you happy tends to become a habit.

Based on an explanation from an assistant professor of psychology at Simon Fraser University, generous behavior is an important attitude for children. The reason is, it can increase children's empathy for others. So, giving gifts to children on their birthdays will increase the connection between children and other people.

Finally, it will have a positive impact on children's relationships with others. If children have good relationships with other people, they will feel happier. So, that's how impactful birthday presents are for kids.

Other related research has also found important evidence that gift-giving to children on birthdays is related to cultural, social, and economic arrangements. Researchers from the University of Minnesota Extension Center also explained that giving birthday gifts to children is an important thing that helps children think about the happiness of others.

So, the most important thing is not the type of gift given but the meaning of the gift. If parents focus on action, children will understand that they don't have to give expensive gifts, but memorable gifts.

Birthdays are the best time to show their strengths to others. So, parents should help children through gift-giving. The gift becomes an acknowledgment from other people to the person celebrating the birthday.

Because nowadays many children experience anxiety disorders, parents need to help their children to create happiness and reduce anxiety. One way is through giving gifts at children's birthday celebrations. With those gifts, children will remember happy sweet memories.

What are Awesome Birthday Presents for Kids?

If you want to give your kids a memorable birthday present, we have some awesome birthday present recommendations. Actually, children like several types of birthday gifts such as toys and cakes. However, some of the following gifts are unique gifts that make them happier on their birthday.

  • Birthday Breakfast: Surprise the kids with a birthday breakfast. Candles, decorations, flowers, and balloons on the dining table will make the kids happy while enjoying their breakfast. Don't forget to make a waffle or pancake and put a candle on top.

  • Birthday Showers: You can also give birthday gifts when the kids are having a bath. The trick is to fill the bathtub using balloons. You can use colorful soaps to write messages to the children.

  • Birthday Lunch Box: Give the kids a lunch box and they will be surprised when they open the lunch box. Have some sweet messages in that lunch box. You can make your own DIY lunch box by using gift box templates. You just need cardboard, tape, and some decorations to make it.

  • Make a Cake: Because kids love birthday cakes, you can make a birthday cake for them. You can make simple birthday decorations at home with balloons and candles. Then, let the children blow out the candles.

  • Choice of Food: Let them choose their favorite type of food to eat on their birthday. You can cook the food or buy it at a restaurant.

How to Help Children Remember the Birthday List in Class?

Teachers should help students to remember the birthdays of their friends in class. Therefore, classes need a classroom birthday chart. The chart presents a list of birthday dates and months.

There are many birthday chart themes. One of them is a cupcake birthday chart.

Teachers can also teach all students to work together to make birthday surprises and gifts. They can make DIY birthday gifts. Add interesting decorations such as gift tags. Students can use gift tags templates to make them.

Printable Classroom Birthday Chart
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Printable Classroom Birthday Charts
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Printable Birthday Calendar Template
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Classroom Birthday Printables
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Printable Classroom Birthday Chart
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Classroom Birthday Chart for Preschool
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Printable Birthday Wall Charts Classroom
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Printable Birthday Charts Kindergarten Classroom
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Printable Cute Classroom Birthday Charts
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How to Make a Memorable Birthday Surprise?

To help children remember birthday memories when they grow up, you have to create memorable birthday moments for children. Make sure that the kids love the birthday surprise. So, here are some steps you can take to make a memorable birthday surprise. Take it easy! All of these methods are very simple and easy to do.

  • Keep the Surprise a Secret: The first way is to keep the surprise a secret. Don't tell the birthday celebration to the children so it becomes a special celebration for them. If you are inviting guests, make sure that all of the guests don't tell your child about the surprise. You can ask guests to keep it private in the invitations you give them.

  • Decorations: The second stage is to decide on decorations for the birthday surprise. You can choose decorations based on children's favorite things. If kids like Barbie, you can use Barbie-themed decorations.

  • Food: You should also consider the food and drink provided at the birthday celebration. Make sure that children, you, and all guests are not allergic to those foods and drinks. Because children love chocolate and ice cream, you can consider those two foods as desserts. Don't forget to prepare a birthday cake too.

  • Location: Choose a birthday celebration place that is easily accessible to everyone. That will make it easier for guests to come to the party. You can draw a location map on the back of the invitation to help guests find the location. 

  • Activities: Prepare a list of activities that can be done at the birthday party. Because it is a kid's birthday party, choose fun activities for the kids. An example is children's games. Prepare all the items to play the games.

Article written by Shasmitha Mutiara, last updated on Sep 10, 2021 and edited by Printablee Team.

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