Printable Number Chart 1 30

Nov 11, 2022
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Printable Number Chart 1 30
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Number Chart 1 20 Printable
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What is a number chart 1-30?

It’s a 5 x 6 grid that consists of the numbers 1 through 30. The first row is filled with numbers 1 to 5, the next row is 6 to 10 etc. The difference between every box in vertical sequence is five.


What are the benefits of a number chart 1-30?

1.       Helps introducing kids to learn basic numbers, but greater than 1 to 9 numbers

To improve recognizing various numbers, we need to add the difficulty for the kids. To do this gradually, the number chart 1-30 suits the most.

2.       Guides them to do basic mathematical operations

Skipping boxes to the right horizontally and descending vertically can help them to learn addition. Meanwhile, when we reverse the step, we introduce subtraction.

3.       Develops recognizing numerical patterns and orders

Skipping some amounts of boxes can help them to determine odd and even numbers. This grid also helps to count by 5. Since the grid has five boxes in a row, every number has a difference of five vertically.

Printable Numbers 1-30
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Number Chart 1-30 With Pictures
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How to use number chart 1-30?

There are operations that suit this chart, which are counting by five, addition, and subtraction.

1.       To count by five, simply go across vertically, descending or ascending as many as one box. If we skip two boxes, we actually count by ten. Picking numbers from corners to corners such as 1 to 5 is not counting by five. It’s because it has a difference of four instead of five.

2.       To do additions, we are only required to move downward vertically and horizontally to the right. For instance, if we want to solve 11+3, we only need to skip as many three boxes from 11. Then, the result is where we should stop, 14.

3.       This also applies to subtraction. When we need to solve 30-5, we only need to go upward vertically. It doesn’t need to move one by one to the left horizontally because it involves counting by five.


How to make a DIY number chart 1-30?

1.       Prepare the following:

        A piece of paper

        A ruler

        A pencil

        An eraser

        Various colored markers

2.       Create a 5 x 6 grid by drawing seven horizontal lines. Each line has to have a space so that we can fit the numbers in. Make sure that the spaces are even. Use the ruler to make the lines look straight and measure the distance between the lines.

3.       Overlay those lines with six vertical lines. Keep an eye that we also need to consider the spaces for the numbers. Both horizontal and vertical lines are intentionally to be added as many as one line. It’s because we need to outline the border with the additional lines.

4.       Draw customized numbers inside the boxes, starts at 1 and ends at 30.

5.       Trace and color the chart with markers.

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