Printable Manuscript Alphabet Chart

Feb 24, 2022
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Printable Manuscript Alphabet Chart
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What are the manuscript letters?

When it comes to the manuscript alphabet chart, this device can be considered as a good device to introduce kids about various kinds of writing. Surely, in this case, the manuscript alphabet chart is helpful to portray them about the manuscript letters or manuscript alphabet. However, before we use this device, we need to understand the definition of the manuscript alphabet first.

Well, manuscript letters, manuscript writing, or simply manuscript alphabet that we can find in a form of manuscript alphabet chart can be defined as writing or handwriting that consists of the letters that are written by connecting each letter with lines and circles. Commonly, this kind of writing can also be found when it comes to learning cursive letters. Yes, both have cursive shapes, we can't find the space for each letter.


Where were the manuscripts written?

When it comes to teaching kids with the manuscript alphabet chart, we can also teach them about the history of the manuscript alphabet chart too, specifically the origin of the manuscript. This will also enrich their knowledge about the manuscript letters.

Plus, when it comes to bringing the history of the manuscript alphabet using the style of storytelling, then kids will be more attracted and comfortable to learn with the manuscript alphabet chart. Well, to answer this question, originally, manuscripts were actually made on the vellum and another parchment. We can also find manuscripts on the paper or a leaf of papyrus.

In Russia, people wrote manuscripts on birch bark. We can even find the manuscripts documents until now! It is known that the manuscripts that belong to Russia came from the 11th century. Then, when we move to the other country, India, the Indian originally produced the manuscripts on the palm leaves. The peculiar things that we can find on the Indian version of the manuscripts are they have a long and rectangular shape. The manuscripts in India were used until the 19th century.

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Printable Manuscript Alphabet Chart
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Manuscript Alphabet Chart
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Is the manuscript the same as cursive?

Well, before we start using the manuscript alphabet chart with our kids, we also have discussions about the cursive letters and manuscript letters themselves. Well, keep in mind, they both really have similar shapes. Each letter in a writing doesn't have space. They are connected with cursive letters.

They don't have rigid and straight shapes in each type of writings. However, keep in mind, even though they look similar, they are actually a different thing. Well, we can find the distinction between them. When it comes to manuscript writing, it is actually handwriting.

However, the usage is as the writing for a document or book. So, a handwritten book or document can be called as the manuscript. The main point is, they are not mechanically reproduced.

As long as it is produced by hand, like using manual typewriting, the book can be called a manuscript. When it comes to the cursive letters, it can be defined as a type of character or a style of the font. So, cursive letters are just one of the plethora of kinds of style of letters that we can find.

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