Printable Religious Bookmarks For Adults

Sep 05, 2022
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Printable Christian Bookmarks
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How do you make a Christian bookmark?

If you are looking for the Bible marker, you might consider making a personalized one with Christian theme. Many kinds of materials you can choose to make it. You can choose the paper-based, string, beads, fabric, and so on. 

For the paper-based materials, you need to prepare the template, cardboard, pen, ruler, coloring pencil, ribbon, and the message you going to write on it. Let us move to the making process. Cut the cardboard in the size and shape you want.

Continue with making the borderline on the cardboard using the ruler. Write the Bible verse or religious message you want to see on the bookmark. Color it to make it more attractive.

Add some embellishment that represents the religious sides. You can add a wooden cross to it. Make a hole on the top and insert the ribbon on it. Then you can use it right away!

If you are considering string materials, crocheting can be the method to choose in making yours. Have the strings in various colors, two of them actually enough. Knit it in a cross shape. Don’t forget to add the embellishment on the top with the strings too.

The beaded version can also be turned into a religious theme. All you need to prepare is the beads and the sting. In this case, you need to provide the beads with a religious theme.

It can be the cross or even just the alphabet that you can connect to the Bible verse. Choose the template and materials as you wish but still consider the usage and long-lasting sides.

Can you turn popsicle sticks into bookmarks?

Popsicle sticks include in the materials that are commonly used for kids crafting. Therefore, many kinds of things you can make from this material including the bookmark.

If you want to have a template with a religious theme, using the popsicle stick can work too. Here is how you can try to build it from scratch.

You need to prepare the materials first. It consist of popsicle sticks, pencil, paint in various colors, brushes, cardboard, string, glue, and scissor.

Draw the white lilies on the cardboard and paint them white and green. Tie the popsicle sticks to form the cross symbol.

Continue to dip the cross into the brown paint. Add some embellishment by painting it directly on the cross. After all the painting is dry, stick the lilies behind the cross sign. Add the string embellishment on the top to more resemble the bookmark in common.

It can be challenging yet entertaining for adults. However, if you are considering the kids, you can remove the lilies’ part and just focus on painting the cross with religious kid-friendly images

This kind of activity can be utilized to mark your Bible. This also can be a great handcraft gift for baptism too.

Printable Christian Bookmarks Templates
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What are the pro and cons of using printed bookmarks?

As a reading enthusiast, you might consider having bookmarks to accompany you in reading. There are some bookmark kinds you can choose to utilize. The one that is familiar the most is the printed one.

Many people use this one due to some reason. However, there must be a pro and cons when it comes to a thing. Here are some pros and cons you might find.

Starting from the pro, many people agreed that the printed version become the easiest one in terms of making. You can just find the template on the internet and print using the appropriate paper. Put the string embellishment and it is ready to use.

The printed design is also able to use as a student activity. By involving bookmark making in kids crafting, the kids can acquire coloring skills through coloring the blank printed template.

It has also become the cheapest design you can buy on the market. If you pick the printed one as a gift for your friends, you can get the various design at an affordable price.

Continue with the cons. Even though there are some plus points, it also has the lack that you need to consider. Due to the paper materials, this might be not long-lasting.

Once you make it wet, it can easily be damaged. Then it might not be too effective to mark your readings if you happen pretty clumsy too.

If you are using the design that you make from ordinary paper, you might face difficulties while using it. It might fold easily.

Therefore, before you decide to buy or make it yourself, make sure you consider the plus and cons first.

Not only the template and the material but you also need to consider how it would work best as your bookmark and reminder too. You might also add a blank space to write some notes to quote something that is memorable from the book you've read.

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