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Updated: Sep 08, 2022

If you are seeking an activity to hold in kindergarten class, the bookmark can be included. You can arrange the crafting activity for your classroom project..

Blank Printable Bookmarks

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  4. Printable Bookmark Templates
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Blank Bookmark Templates
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How do you arrange kids' bookmark activities?

If you are seeking an activity to hold in kindergarten class, the bookmark can be included. You can arrange the crafting activity for your classroom project.

To make this one, you may involve some skills that are used to train the students through this activity. Here’s how you can arrange for the kids to make their own.

First, you need to choose the theme and design of the bookmark that the kids going to explore. For the theme, you can choose cute ones. The design can be something that relates to the object you want to make the students know. Animals could be one of the options.

After deciding on the theme and design, you can move to gather the materials. It consists of cardboard, the template, coloring pencils, glue, and scissor.

For the cardboard, you can provide the size that is commonly used as bookmarks. In this case, the template is in the cute animal theme. Choose the various templates, so the kids will be able to select one of their favorites.

Continue to let them color the template with a coloring pencil. Allow them to pull off their creation by coloring the template. Move to cut the template by following its line.

Tell the students to stick the coloring template into the cardboard. For the additional embellishment, you can add ribbons. Trying to practice through this craft activity, helps the students to boost their coloring skills while also knowing themselves better by picking the animal images they want.

How to make a cute rabbit corner bookmark?

The holiday is time to DIY the things you need in daily life. If you are a reading enthusiast, you might consider crafting some bookmarks to help you in marking the pages you’ve read.

One of them is a corner bookmark. Before diving into the making process, you need to decide on the design first. Rabbit is the one you might love!

Here’s how you can make a cute rabbit appear on the corner of your book.

All you need to prepare are origami in the color you wish for, glue, wiggle eyes, and scissors. Fold the origami to form a square shape. Continue with folding a half side, so it will fit your corner book. Make the facial ornaments which consist of the nose and teeth.

Have white paper to create the teeth to resemble rabbits the most. Glue the wiggled eyes you’ve prepared. Draw the ears and make the cutouts. Stick the ears on between the corner.

Let all the glues dry and the corner bookmark is ready to mark your book while also embellishing it. This easy and simple crafting can be arranged for the kids too.

You can also replace the template of the folding corner bookmark with other characters!

Blank Bookmark Templates Microsoft
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Printable Blank Bookmarks
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Printable Bookmark Templates
Pin It!   Printable Bookmark TemplatesdownloadDownload PDF
Blank Printable Bookmarks Halloween
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Blank Bookmark Template Printable Bookmarks
Pin It!   Blank Bookmark Template Printable BookmarksdownloadDownload PDF
Blank Funeral Bookmark Template Printable
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Blank Printable Watercolor Bookmarks
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Printable Blank Coloring Bookmarks
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Rectangular Bookmarks Blank Template Printable
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What are the different types of bookmarks?

Talking about the use, a bookmark helps you to mark the page that you already pass in reading it. Many kinds of types you can choose to mark your reading.

It consists of different materials which you can consider picking based on the use and how long-lasting they are. Here are the different types of bookmarks to choose from according to the materials.

The blank template can be used as a coloring activity for preschoolers. However, this one is the most non-long-lasting.

Metal-based bookmarks include the most durable ones. The embosses on this material look very attractive. Due to the long-lasting type, this one could be the expensive one.

If you are looking for an artificial design, going with the string is the right choice. This bookmark is often seen as handmade and consists of a colorful choice to embellish your book.

The strings itself commonly made of polyester, canvas, and burlap which are also considered long-lasting materials. Ribbon bookmarks are also famous as book markers.

The ribbon often uses cotton and silk as materials. This design is linked to the luxurious design to choose. Beads include in the material to make too.

This design is the one you can easily DIY by placing your name on the beads. The colorful design will make it highlight the last page you stopped.

Consider using additional material such as ribbons to make it more attractive. Let us move to the fanciest design which is embroidered.

Due to the vintage design, many kinds of people love to collect this. This design allows you to have a custom old design that some people find really cool.

So, rather than folding the corner of your book, using a bookmark would be a better way as you can keep the book in a good shape that might be a good collection for your shelves.

Article written by Adelina M.K., last updated on Sep 08, 2022 and edited by Printablee Team.

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