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Feb 28, 2023
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Printable Christian Bookmarks
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Religion plays an important role in our life. Therefore, religious education is an important thing that must be given by parents to their children. So, what is religious education?

Religious Education or RE is a subject given by schools at the primary or secondary level. The goal is to make children understand religion deeply. In addition, children can also learn about various religions around the world and increase tolerance between religions.

What is Learned in Religious Education?

In studying religious education, there are several religions in the world that are studied by children. So, these 5 religions are some of the religions that children learn in RE.

  1. Christian

    Christianity teaches about belief in Jesus who is the son of God. Jesus was born in Bethlehem on December 25. Christians use the Bible as their holy book. Meanwhile, they worship at the church.

  2. Hindu

    Hinduism is quite different from other religions because it does not have an originator. This religion comes from India. There, Hindus are divided into castes according to their Dharma and Khama.

  3. Buddha

    There are 500 million adherents of Buddhism in the world. The Buddha is the founder of the Buddhist religion. He is a prince who chooses to leave a life of luxury to find meaning in life. Then, he laid down the cardinal principles which he referred to as the Four Noble Truths.

  4. Islam

    Islam is one of the religions that have many followers in the world. People who follow the religion of Islam are called Muslims. This is a type of monolithic religion where Muslims believe in only one God.

    God for Muslims is Allah. This religion was brought by Muhammad. Their holy book is the Quran. Muslims use the Five Pillars of Islam as an important and main rule. Meanwhile, they worship in a place called the Mosque.

  5. Jewish

    Judaism is the oldest type of monotheistic religion in the world. Jews believe in one God. They believe that humans have a special promise with God which is called the Covenant. So, they dedicated themselves to thanking God for all the protection He had given to them.


What are The Benefits of Religious Education for Kids' Intelligence?

By studying religious education, there are various benefits that can be obtained for children. In fact, this has been scientifically proven through research on neurophysiological effects which is one of the benefits of religious education for kids' intelligence.

  • Many studies in the field of neurotheology explain that religious experiences can activate circuits in the brain. So, religion can have a calming effect like when you use drugs.

  • Professor of Neuroscience from Research Marcus Institute of Integrative Health proved that there are certain areas in the brain that will become active when someone learns a religion. The area of the brain that is well stimulated is the frontal lobe. That part plays a role in increasing focus and intelligence.

  • When studying religion, the part of the brain called the parietal lobe will also be properly stimulated. It has a role in processing spatial and temporal orientation. So, this area can improve language skills.

  • By studying religion, the ability of children's prefrontal cortex can also increase. This part of the brain functions to assist in decision-making. If this area of the brain is not stimulated properly, it will cause a person to become out of control.

Printable Christian Easter Bookmarks
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Printable Easter Bookmarks
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How to Introduce Religion to Children?

Because religion has an important role in increasing children's intelligence, there are several ways to introduce religion to children from an early age.

  1. Tell Religious Stories

    To make children understand religion better, parents must use fun ways that are easy for children. Therefore, you can use media in the form of religious story books for children or animated videos of religious stories.

  2. Read The Scriptures

    After they are born, try to regularly read the scriptures to children. In that way, children will be familiar with reading the scriptures. Well, that's what makes them can study religion easily.

  3. Be Patient

    Teaching children about religion is not an easy thing. Therefore, you must be patient when teaching them about it. So, be patient with the learning process from your child.

    The reason is, patience is also one of the good examples in religion. So, if you have a high sense of patience, children can also imitate that good thing.

  4. Teach Them to Do Good Things

    Besides being patient, you also have to teach children about good things. So, teach them about the various good things that they can do. Give them an example that is easy to do. Then, ask them to do the good things together.

    One of the easiest ways is to ask them to pray before starting the activity. Tell them about the kindness taught in religion. Tell them about all these things in words that are easy for children to understand.

  5. Use Fun Methods for Kids

    There are various methods that can be used to study religion, especially in the digital era. There is a technology called Artificial Intelligence that helps teachers and parents introduce religion to children easily.

    Artificial Intelligence or AI comes in various types. Some are presented in the form of dolls that can be asked to interact and play. Now, with the sophistication of AI in it, these dolls can teach religious concepts to children.

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