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May 25, 2023
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The Essential Checklist for Planning a Funeral for a Loved One

The number of duties that must be accomplished within a day or two following a loved one's death can catch many families off guard. Even individuals who have previously planned a funeral may get overwhelmed by the number of decisions that must be made and things that must be arranged.

The professionals in funerals might be well-prepared on guiding client families for helping them to follow each process, but funeral planning will be much better for both parties that involved in the arrangements.

Preplanning lets a person voice his or her preferences, make careful decisions regarding funeral preparations, and discuss all of the options with a preneed specialist.

1. Collect Important Statistics for Paperwork

Even if the closest family members will be in charge of planning funeral preparations, it's a good idea to make it as simple as possible for them to access essential facts. They will enjoy having rapid access to facts during the emotionally tough period following a loss. Make certain that the funeral planning paperwork includes information such as:

  • Complete name of Family members (including, if relevant, the spouse's maiden name)
  • Occupation, employment history, most recent employer, and date of retirement
  • Data on military service
  • In addition to this information, family members must be aware of where to locate other crucial documents such as marriage certificates, insurance policies, wills, investment and retirement account information, and so on.

2. Determine Who Will Be Participating in the Funeral Service

Individuals frequently learn that they have specific preferences about who they want to be associated with the funeral ceremony throughout the prearrangement process. Planning a funeral ahead of time allows individuals to work with their favorite funeral home and express their intentions for many various areas of engagement, such as clergy and other religious group members, pallbearers, readings, singers, and musicians.

3. Express Viewing or Service Preferences

Funeral service preferences can be now added to your list for preparation for the things that we can't expect the time, date, and place. The specialists may assist in explaining the many alternatives available and the decisions that must be taken for each, such as service venues and transportation requirements.

Funeral arrangements should include any statements or religious texts that the individual wishes to be included in the service (or ceremonies), as well as any hymns or other music that should be performed. If a viewing is part of the plan, provide preferences for dress, jewelry, glasses, hair, and cosmetics.

4. Make a Decision on Disposition and Memorialization

The technique of disposition is extremely personal, and more alternatives exist than many families understand. Individuals who choose cremation, for example, may also include embalming and a traditional viewing in their funeral plans.

Preplanning enables people to evaluate all disposition alternatives and establish preparations that will help minimize family discord when the time comes. Individuals can also make customized choices for caskets, vaults, and urns.

Individuals should designate their ultimate resting location in addition to their disposition choices. The name of the cemetery (if appropriate) and whether or not the individual currently owns property there should be included on funeral planning documentation. A permanent monument might also be specified in the funeral plan.

Printable Memorial Bookmark Template
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Understanding Funeral Prices and Costs

Funeral homes are required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to provide consumers with an itemized summary of all charges for the goods and services they provide. Furthermore, the law allows consumers to choose and purchase only the goods and services they desire, rather than being forced to accept an entire package deal.

Funeral expenses are classified into the following categories:

1. The Basic Service Charge

This general charge includes all funeral-related services, such as the use of a funeral home, the services of a funeral director and funeral home attendants, organizing burial arrangements with a cemetery or other third parties, obtaining licenses and death certificates, and so on.

2. Optional Service Fees

The optional services offered by the funeral home would include as listed below:

  • transporting the corpse
  • embalming
  • viewing (or wakes) at the funeral home
  • using hearse or limousine as transportation\
  • burial containers
  • cremation
  • interment


3. Monetary payments

This charge covers goods and services purchased by the funeral home on your behalf from outside suppliers with your permission. Flowers, religious services, obituary announcements, pallbearers, and other service providers like musicians or caterers may be purchased. The funeral home may charge an extra service fee for arranging arrangements with these third parties.

Consumers have the right to explore and compare funeral homes, as well as seek clear and accurate price information, at any time during the funeral preparation process. 

Things to Do Following a Funeral

Now is the time to focus on the things that can wait until your loved one has been appropriately recognized and commemorated. This may entail terminating accounts, claiming any applicable survivor benefits, and completing any other outstanding affairs.

  • Obtain 10 to 15 copies of the death certificate.

Many tasks, such as closing accounts, will necessitate a copy of the death certificate. Only the Executor will be competent to address these things in many circumstances.

  • Get in Touch with Banks, Mortage Companies, and Financial Advisors

Discuss with each institution how to handle your loved one's accounts. If there is a safe deposit box, a court warrant may be required to open it.

  • Get in Touch with Insurance Companies

A claim form must be completed for a life insurance account. For all other plans, such as auto and house insurance, just discontinue coverage.

  • Closing Credit Card Accounts and Notification to Credit Reporting Agency

To decrease the danger of identity theft, close all accounts and provide a death certificate to credit reporting agencies. The three largest credit reporting companies are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

  • Driver's Licence Cancellation

Notify the state of your loved one's driver's license cancellation.

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