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Oct 11, 2022
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How do you play the I Spy back-to-school worksheet?

While the new semester starts, you might consider arranging an activity that relates back to the school agenda. I Spy is a great worksheet for students of lower age and kindergarten.

All you need to serve is arrange the worksheet template and the coloring tools. In this worksheet, the students allow finding the picture which related to the theme. In terms of the back-to-school worksheet, you can choose the template which consists of the school items.

For kindergarten, you can let the kids match the vocabulary and the picture. In this case, the students need to know the vocabulary of the school-related picture, so they can answer it properly.

After matching the worksheet, you can make the students to coloring the object using the color they wish. However, before arranging this worksheet, you have to make sure that your students are already familiar with the picture and its vocabulary.

For the higher grade, you can manage them to do just the coloring part. Make them color the things that are related to school supplies. In this case, they need to have knowledge about the back-to-school items to have the right answer.

This kind of worksheet allows the students to be able in identifying the object of school supplies. It also improves their vocabulary knowledge in this field.

What bookmark craft you can do together with kids?

If you arrange to hold a kids’ activity with back to school as the theme, you can go with DIY the bookmark. Before entering the DIY process, you can let your students know how they can use the bookmark. Here’s how you can arrange for students to DIY bookmarks.

Prepare the materials such as the back-to-school theme bookmark template, coloring tools, and scissors. Choose the blank template with a kid-friendly theme. Make sure it’s in line with the school theme.

Continue to cut it into the bookmark cutouts. Let your students to coloring the bookmark as they wish. Make them freely in coloring the bookmark. Instead of just a picture, you can also insert quotes that motivate your students in learning. Use the form of connecting dots so your students just have to trace it with a coloring pen.

Besides the back-to-school coloring style, you can also create the corner version. Use the form of school supplies as the image on your students’ corner bookmark. This project tends to be a crafting project which allows them to fold and cut. To make this craft. You have to prepare the origami paper and stencil templates.

Fold the origami into corner bookmark form. Ask your students to choose what kind of school supplies they want to create before the day, so you can prepare the stencil right before the crafting starts.

Let the students draw the school supplies with the stencil and make their cutouts. Continue to make the students color it and stick it to the corner bookmark.

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What are some school experience books for kindergarten?

To welcome the students on the first day back to school, you might seek a book which related to the day. Many kinds of references you can pick for your students. Below are some of the best recommendations.

The Pout-Pout Fish Goes to School made by Deborah Diesen talks about a story of fish that gets nervous about entering the school for the first time.

I Love School! Become a great recommendation for your students to know the story inside. This book was made by Philemon Sturges and talks about the great things that happen in school. This kind of book can boost students’ confidence in attending school and give the perception that learning in school is a fun thing.

I’m Your Bus is one adorable book about the story of the bus who is always excited about taking the kids to school. This book also provides awesome illustrations which make the kids more excited in reading it. The book was arranged by Marylin Singer.

The Night Before Kindergarten is a book from Natasha Wing about the thing you need to prepare before entering the first day of back to school.

Other recommendations you can take are The Kissing Hand from Audrey Penn, School Bus by Donald Crews, Boomer Goes to School from Constance W. McGeorge, and so on.

Choose some of these books you think it’s going to suit your students and make sure it's engaging. The book with a back-to-school theme can ease the kids’ nervousness so they can adapt to the new class environment.

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