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Updated on Sep 08, 2022
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Printable Zentangle Bookmarks Patterns
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How to create a bookmark in the monochrome theme?

You might think of replacing your old bookmark with the new one by making a personalized one.  Many kinds of themes you can choose to make your own. The one you can consider is using the monochrome theme.

The monochromatic style can be created in several ways. Here’s how you can customize it for your own.

Thinking about getting one for the Halloween treat that's not sweets? Have a coffin bookmark template and add some flower patterns for a bit of highlight. Choose black paper and create the pattern using a white marker. Add the white ribbon as the top details.

If you have a collection of your old polaroid in black and white, try to custom it! You can customize it by making a photo collage or cutting out some and attach on the template you wish to use.

If you have a leftover leather bag, it would be great for the alternative materials. Prepare the template, pencil, black leather, scissor, ruler, and permanent small marker.

Continue to place the bookmark template on the black leather and draw the line using the pencil. Make sure you also utilize the ruler to have a perfect design. Write your sign behind it to make it seems luxurious.

Beads can be the elements you can add to have as your unique personalized one. Select the white and black beads as you wish with a butterfly pattern or some ornaments you like to add. Making crochet one in skull pattern or chessboard would be cute too!

You can still make various creations using this theme, including the bookmark. It’s all depending on the materials you are using to DIY it.

How can a newbie create zentangle art for a bookmark?

Having a long holiday makes you think about what kind of activity to fill out your holiday. Instead of keeping your days rolling around might not have things going as planned, and if you are actually a reading enthusiast, you might consider making a bookmark. One of the patterns you can choose is zentangle art.

The art pattern consists of a complicated pattern you can draw on your bookmark. Don’t be so worried if you do not master your drawing skills. For your guidance, if this is your first time, here's how you can start to try.

Prepare the materials first. It consists of cardboard, a ruler, a pencil, a small marker, the zentangle stencil, a paper puncher, and strings.

For the stencils, you can buy them at the stationary store near your place. Make the bookmark cutouts using cardboard and use the ruler to have perfect lines.

Continue with place the stencil on the bookmark cutouts. Transfer the stencil using the pencil first, so it can easily to remove when you make mistakes. Layer the pencil lines using the marker. Trace it in detail to resemble the stencil. Make a hole on the top out of a paper puncher and add the string embellishment to it.

So, you don't have to worry if you wanted to try some new skills or gain a challenging yet relaxing activity. The kinds of pattern zentangle or doodle have pretty much unique and fun to follow around, especially when you need a fun quiet relaxing time on your own. Doing some art during your holiday to give a touch to your book you probably will read for the whole holiday.

Zentangle Bookmarks to Color
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What can I include in a bookmark kit?

If you are planning to arrange an activity to hold in your free time, crafting the things you need might become the greatest option. However, you might find yourself struggling while preparing the craft materials.

Then, the craft kit can overcome your problem. You can choose many kinds of crafting kits as your DIY, including the bookmark.

Thinking about getting some kid activity for this holiday then you might find the template in a kid-friendly theme. It usually comes with cartoon characters, animals, or the things that relate to kids the most. For the adult series, many kinds of kits you can choose to make at home.

Beads in the kit would be one of the choices. This kit crafty package consists of colorful beads along with strings. If you order the custom one, it can also include your name tags.

The wooden kit package will consist of the wooden board in the best template size that already has the sketch, tassel, paints, and small brushes. This kind of kit allows you to paint based on the sketch on it.

The kit is also available in the embroidery kit. It consists of the embroidery hoop, linen fabrics, needles, and cotton threads.

Choose the kit with the easy pattern if you are a newbie. Pick your favorite bookmark kit as you wish. There will be written instructions you can use as guidance, so make sure you read them properly!

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