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Jun 23, 2015
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Printable Eye Chart
Printable Eye Chartdownload


What age should a child have their eyes tested?

Eyes are important senses for all living things. For humans, eye health needs to be maintained since the day you start breathing. From the youngest age, children should be given an eye test. Because if it's too late for treatment, it will worsen the condition of the eyes when growing up. The ideal age for eye tests for children is in the 6th month from birth. After that, it can be done periodically in 2 years.

What is a normal vision for a 4-year-old?

For children aged 4 years, they are usually in the developing period with their surroundings. Children aged 4 years will enter the world of pre-school where they will meet with friends their age. When far from home, children will be more sensitive to look around. Therefore, it will be easier to detect if there are problems in the eyes of children. How to find out before doing an eye test is a complaint given by children to something they saw. When they feel disturbed by the level of clarity in vision, it's the right time for you to leave it to the eye doctor. At the eye doctor, they will be given a standard vision test using an eye chart. If your child is 4 years old and the vision is less than 20/40 it can be ascertained that the child has vision problems.

Are all the eye charts the same?

In general, when doing eye tests using eye charts that are used are variations of the Snellen Chart. The chart consists of a series of random letters of different sizes as well. The eye chart has gone through a restrictive process and has confirmed its accuracy as part of the standard for eye tests. Fonts used in the eye chart are also not just ordinary fonts but can test the sharpness of the eye to see within a certain distance.

Kindergarten Eye Test Chart
Kindergarten Eye Test Chartdownload
Printable Eye Chart
Printable Eye Chartdownload
Tumbling E Eye Chart
Tumbling E Eye Chartdownload
Printable Pediatric Eye Chart
Printable Pediatric Eye Chartdownload
Printable Snellen Eye Chart PDF
Printable Snellen Eye Chart PDFdownload
Pediatric Eye Chart Printable
Pediatric Eye Chart Printabledownload
Free Printable Preschool Eye Chart
Free Printable Preschool Eye Chartdownload
Child Eye Chart
Child Eye Chartdownload


How far do you stand from an eye chart?

Besides the eye chart, the supporting element in the test is the distance from you standing with the eye chart. The standard distance from the eye chart is 20 feet. Eye charts are usually placed on the wall or the mirror behind you. That is in order to analyze the condition of vision when looking forward or backward. If you have not had time to do an eye test to the doctor, you can try it at home with the eye chart template on the internet. Of course, with a standard distance of 20 feet. If at that distance you have trouble reading the eye chart, it's time for you to go to an eye doctor to get treatment.

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